My Entire $1.25 Million Portfolio Unveiled: $11K/Month of Passive Income | 11% Yield | Update #13 – YouTube

My Entire $1.25 Million Portfolio Unveiled: $11K/Month of Passive Income | 11% Yield | Update #13


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Middlefield Q&A Video:

00:00 INTRO + FAQs (Please Watch)
05:17 RRSP Accounts (U.S. Funds) OVERVIEW
11:17 CLM + Rest of RRSP
17:23 TFSA/Cash Accounts CHANGES
21:18 TFSA/Cash Accounts OVERVIEW
39:32 OUTRO + Info (Please Watch)

Create Your Own Dividend Passive Income Investing Portfolio.
Ideal for self directed growth , income , balanced investors, beginners and expert seasoned investors. This package is for you.

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Free Portfolio Download : $1.25M Dividend Portfolio, $11,000 /month of Passive Income Income

Report Card: My Dividend Stock Picks – 1 Year Later Review

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Our mission is to help everyday normal people investo on their own (DIY investing) in order create their own source of passive income to enhance their quality of life and reach Financial Independence (FIRE)

Not a licensed investment advisor, videos are educational.
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  1. The up and down is also an approach to make more money, i've seen and read about people that made over 6figure profit in such conditions, It's a good feeling when you already have the stock, but it gets funny when I'm not making as much as these other investors making way above 6figures from trending stocks.

  2. I checked out "For Beginner Investors: 5 Portfolio Samples free download". Are these figures still accurate with the current market situation? If the market dips do the monthly dividend dollars change (income)? Sorry if it is a silly question, but I am a beginner.

  3. hello would you mind sharing a list on trade history(date of transactions) for the US funds so I can accurately track it on my app portfolio tracker. I Want to try and understand how you view the market based on your trades. Thank You.

  4. How’s HYLD been working out for you this far? Did you buy the HYLD.U or HYLD in Canadian dollars. Thinking about adding this one but it’s obviously a pretty new etf with not a long track record. The dividend of .14 a month with similar proposed returns of the S&P500 is enticing though if it holds up.

  5. Thanks for sharing this, I’m coming into a lot of money soon and would like to copy this blueprint with intent to not sell. Is it possible to earn income for years without having to sell or worry about losing my money ?

  6. I noticed you included CLM in your portfolio. It looked promising until I researched a bit and came across the new piece below. Dies it mean that the fund is dissolving? If yes what would the implications be? Sorry, pretty new to this, thanks 🙂
    “NEW YORK, April 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cornerstone Total Return Fund, Inc. (NYSE American: CRF) (the “Fund”) announced today that, contingent upon final approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, it has fixed the close of business on April 18, 2022 as the record date (the “Record Date”) for determination of stockholders entitled to participate in the Fund’s 1-for-3 rights offering.”

  7. Quick question: Are you taking advantage of the CLM RIGHTS OFFERING that is active as we speak? From April press release: "For every three rights a stockholder

    receives, he or she will be entitled (but not required) to purchase one new share of the Fund at a subscription price equal to the greater of (i) 112% of net asset value per share as calculated at the close of trading on the expiration date of the offering or (ii) 65% of the market price per share at such time."

  8. Wonderful stuff brothers, but I have a question tho how do you know which one to sell and which one to buy, may I ask what do you base you decision on? Thank you so much

  9. CLM took a bath–but if DIV Reinvesting that is helpful on the way down. Love the list–but may be getting whacked on assets in valuation as world whacks everyone with higher rates. Great video–watched a few in your prior and would recommend color coding some of your Canadian…though most notice where they are at…but just something to add as just a suggestion.

  10. Really inspiring to see real portfolio and the cash flow generated by those investments. I just moved my RRSP to WS, and buying hdif, hdiv, ens, and many other split corp and covered call, and I see a huge difference in cash flow. Thanks Adrian!

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