Passive Income Ideas for Beginners & Dummies (Business & Entrepreneurs) Audiobook – Full Length – YouTube

Passive Income Ideas for Beginners & Dummies (Business & Entrepreneurs) Audiobook - Full Length


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Passive income ideas for beginners (business audiobook full length) – You have a deep desire to become financially independent and live the life you deserve. Maybe you’ve read about it countless times online. Maybe you’ve heard of countless people having a lot of success and freedom. Maybe you even know of a few people who are already thriving in generating passive income.

You know you want the same level of success that other people have had. The problem is, you just don’t know how to get started and get it done. Perhaps you’ve dreamt of having a supplementary source of income to take care of your family. Maybe you want to have more money for retirement or life the life you deserve. Maybe you just want to have the means to go on vacation and have more free time. Or maybe you just want to get a good start in the world of business before you quit your job.

Whatever your reasons, generating passive income is a worthy and attainable goal.


  1. Great information; I came here to learn how to trade after hearing on the radio about the importance of investing and how one man gained $340,000 in just two months after investing $150,000. Somehow, this video has helped clarify some points, but I'm perplexed, I'm a novice, and I'm open to suggestions.

  2. Dummies… really the author should think a little higher of people who may read their books. I personally would never pay money to anyone who uses the word dummies in their title.

  3. These are some great tips! My side hustle has been offer up for the last three years and I flip every single one of my inventory locally. I still profit four figures a month by going to yard sales around me and flipping items without even shipping. I really like your side hustle grind and think it would be smart to hop on a podcast that I’ve been working on. Direct Message me on Instagram @flipmandan

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