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Regular Income from Stock Market | Passive Income for Beginners


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Regular Income from Stock Market | Passive Income for Beginners
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In this today, we discuss about early retirement (financial freedom) and how you can achieve that with the help of stock market for beginners.
The best way to get regular passive income is with the help of share market by buying good quality stocks and enjoying their dividends.

Today, we discuss a real story of Anne Scheiber who created wealth of 22 million US dollars with the help of stock market investing. She started at the age of 51 after retirement with a small money of $5000 that grew exponentially with the power of compounding.

She worked as a tax officer and was able to understand that the rich people own cashflow producing assets for very long period of time that helps them save tax legally and let their wealth grow with the help of compounding.

Majority of Indians consider our children as retirement fund and we rely on them for our old age. However, that’s a very poor way of living life and it shows how poor our mindset is because if you can do a job for 40+ years that you don’t like, then you can also save and invest for long-term for 15-20 years and achieve financial independence early. Most people fall into the trap of depending on others because they don’t have enough financial education as it’s not something taught in schools.

However, rich people have a different mindset and they depend on themselves by doing their own savings and investments.

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00:00 Intro
00:26 Meet Anne Scheiber
01:04 Secret of Rich People
02:27 How Anne Scheiber become famous?
03:30 Investment Strategy
05:18 Lessons to Learn
07:28 Message to people in 20s
09:24 My Goal with Invest Mindset
10:12 Finity App
11:32 Outro

Finance is a very complex industry that involves complex terms and concepts such as Stocks, shares, ETFs, Mutual Funds, SIP, Tax Saving Funds, Financial Planning, Investments, Passive Investments, active investments, etc. Hence it becomes very difficult for new investors to decide what to look for and what to ignore.
Hence, you can use this simple app Finity, which is a new Fin Tech app for wealth creation. With the help of this Finity Application, you can improve your personal finance life by saving money and investing systematically in mutual funds. From beginners to experts, anyone can use this investment app.

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  1. I admire your confidence: nahin pasand aya to dislike karo! I belong to the same class as the heroine of your story. Except that I started investing when I was in my mid sixties! I have started buying shares only a few months back! I believe in your statement: It is never too late to start investment.

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