Technical Analysis for Cryptocurrency Tutorial (Crypto Charts for Beginners) – YouTube

Technical Analysis for Cryptocurrency Tutorial (Crypto Charts for Beginners)


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Technical analysis for cryptocurrency – crypto technical analysis to trade crypto. Crypto candlestick charts, how to trade crypto with technical analysis for cryptocurrency. Crypto technical analysis course for beginners to get up and running with crypto.

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0:00 Intro
0:36 How to use candlestick charts with cryptocurrency
4:27 Candlestick charts for crypto (bullish hammer)
5:38 Candlestick charts for crypto (shooting star)
6:32 Drawings on crypto charts (trend lines)
9:02 Drawings on crypto charts (trend channels)
10:54 Drawings on crypto charts (support and resistance)
13:54 Crypto chart patterns (head and shoulders)
15:51 Crypto chart patterns (bullish triangle)
17:20 Crypto chart patterns (consolidation)
19:07 Crypto chart indicators (SMA)
20:53 Crypto chart indicators (RSI)
23:34 Crypto chart indicators (Bollinger Bands)
26:12 Limitations of technical analysis for crypto

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  1. You are a great teacher! Do you have PDFs at all… in any paid course? Great job! Would love to see one on Ankr – ie. what does one do with aeth, once Eth staked. I find it very confusing even on Ankr site. A comparison to BInance BEth would be great. ie BEth will get returned to spot wallet after PoS completes. Ankr does not do this – one has to swap out Aeth back to Eth correct? Thanks in advance. Appreciated.

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