The ONLY *PASSIVE* Income Ideas To Know in 2022 (Soft Life + Big Checks) – YouTube

The ONLY *PASSIVE* Income Ideas To Know in 2022 (Soft Life + Big Checks)


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Today, we are not talking about side hustle ideas or how to make money online. We are talking about passive income ideas and passive income in 2022 and I mean only the best passive income ideas.


  1. Retired with a 7 figure portfolio and Receiving about $143k in dividends. I have been in the stock market about 20 years. Am I worried? Am I selling? Absolutely not. I have purchased growth stocks too a little at a time over the past few weeks. I am going to sit back and observe how this all plays out, adding more at a time. my investment strategy with my FA Jane Marie Kunak actually calms me down. Eye on the prize, stay the course!

  2. Nice video, this reminds me of 8 months ago when I was so poor and broke that I could barely afford one meal a day.  I remember having to take the biggest step of my life when I invested my last income with an expert broker, Ms. Catherine H Tondreau who works with a currency trading company in the UK.  It may seem like little, but it took courage to know that investing was the right thing to do at the time.  Today my small investment of only 300 usd has given me huge gains.  Honestly, to be successful, you have to take a big step.  That's where it all begins.  Currency exchange is also a good investment and I am happy that I took that bold step.  I am sharing this to encourage anyone at the lowest point in their life to "Don't give up."

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