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Top 10 Companies with 100% Remote | Permanent work from home | Top 10 series


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  • Published On: 2021-10-07 18:33:47
  • Video Published/Author: Soumyajit Bhattacharyay
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I am an SDE 2 at Amazon. Here, I have discussed about the top 10 companies in India with permanent work from home option. All the companies discussed here are remote first companies. Have compared them on the basis of several attributes and have then ranked them here. I will be making more such videos on Startups, mncs, Service based organisations and many more!

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  1. Having 6 years of experience in IT industry, I can say WFH concept made me a happy and more responsible person towards my family and work.
    I no need to stuck in traffic, I can use that time for self development. I no need to pay the rent or no need to buy a flat. I am staying in my home town with my family taking care of my parents and in laws. Spending time with my childhoods friends, spending time with my cousins which is making me more focusd towards my professonal amd personal responsibilities

  2. Given the scope you provided as a plethora of your personal experience, you have not covered many, approximatly more than 50% of core jobs, industry which do not have wfh options in upcoming future.

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