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Top 5 Stock Market Books In Hindi | Review,  For Beginners


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Books revolutionized humanity. They allowed people to borrow other’s knowledge.

In a field like investing where past knowledge is disproportionately valuable, books prove to be a godsend.

There are some of the most essential books on investing and the stock markets.

Here is the list of some books:

Share Market Guide: This book is written by Sudha Shrimali. She is an Indian author who is associated with Prabhat Prakashan. She has also authored, Share Market Mein Munafe Ke Mantra, compiled in Hindi.

Tradeniti: Kaise Bane Safal Professional Trader- The author of this book is Yuvraj Kalshetti. An advanced Diplomat in the global capital market, this book explains the Basics of capital markets ( Share, Commodity, Currency, and F&O ).
Tradeniti helps explains the technical analysis aspect of trading and traded analysis systems used worldwide.

Technical analysis aur candlestick ki pehchan: The book is written by Ravi Patel. If u are new to trading, this books give a wonderful understanding of Technical analysis, in regard to Indian Market.

Today in this video, we will guide you regarding those 5 that will make it easier for you to understand the stock market.

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