18 Jawdropping Images from NASA (James Webb Space Telescope Update: Hubble & JWST Images Explained) – YouTube

18 Jawdropping Images from NASA (James Webb Space Telescope Update: Hubble & JWST Images Explained)


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James Webb’s observing time is extremely valuable, so astronomers do not want to waste any time. A computer algorithm is used to calculate the schedule for James Webb observations, which allows for the spacecraft to periodically gather bonus snapshots of data between longer observations. An example of such a snapshot can be seen in this image of the clashing triplet of galaxies in Arp 195. These observations do more than provide spectacular images – they also identify promising targets that can be followed up with telescopes such as NASA/ESA/CSA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

Will these new images break new ground in the scientific community? Stay until the end if you want to discover the latest images taken by the James Webb Telescope.

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  1. Well Done — 'To see — Become aware — To explore' — Is the mission of HUMANITY. James Webb will carry all concerned to an accelerated measure. Well done — Thanks so much. We shall return.

  2. Just fake news and video created by some insane funny guys and victims are those who don’t really go to details and mostly half informed. JWST has not yet started taking snaps as Mirrors spacing and alignments are still in progress.

  3. Most of these images are taken in the optical wavelength using Hubble and other telescopes. The Infrared Orion Nebula is from ESO's VISTA Telescope, The Infrared Pillars Of Creation is from Hubble's NICMOS instrument, and the JWST deep field is a simulation. Only Image 17 is taken using Webb.

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