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Amazon Just Hired Everybody but SpaceX to Launch Its $10bn Project Kuiper


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  • Published On: 2022-04-08 21:09:00
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Amazon has announced agreements with Arianespace, Blue Origin, and United Launch Alliance to provide heavy-lift launch services for Project Kuiper, Amazon’s initiative to increase global broadband access through a constellation of low-Earth orbit satellites. Let’s talk about how Amazon plans to implement the Kuiper project and whether it will pose a threat to SpaceX’s Starlink project.

00:00 Intro
00:36 Project Kuiper
01:40 The Contract
02:26 ULA: AtlasV and Vulcan
03:36 Arian Space: Ariane 6
04:30 Blue Origin: New Glenn
06:15 SpaceX’s Starlink vs Project Kuiper

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  1. Bezos thinks money is more important than intelligence. Musk is the exact opposite. Bezos' company created a carnival ride. Musk created the next generation of rocketry and space travel. ULA needs to step up to the plate and get their next generation into orbit. They have a great legacy that needs to be extended. The SLS should be given one chance to prove itself at their Artimus plan, and if unsuccessful, forget it. Someone needs to step up and tackle the second stage reusability along with SpaceX. $100-150M per launch will not be sustainable and will realistically wind up being $250-400M like the Shuttle was.

  2. Amazon is cutting off its nose to spite its face. The advertised LIST PRICE for SpaceX to launch these satellites on Falcon 9 is less than the announced contract price from ULA and Arianespace. Bulk orders would presumably be for less than the list price. Furthermore SpaceX will be selling launches on Starship next year which will probably deliver three times as many satellites for less money. The ULA and Arianespace and BO offerings also depend upon the Vulcan and Ariane6 and New Glenn launchers which haven't even flown yet, and a launch cadence which neither provider has EVER achieved. Meanwhile SpaceX is going to break the record launch pace set by Russia forty years ago!

  3. Good video, but you're not understanding what's at play here. Amazon is doing to the launch provider industry what Amazon did to the retail industry: making them existentially dependent on Amazon. ULA, BO, and Arianespace KNOW they can't compete with Starship — that game is lost and over by a mile. Their future existence belongs to Amazon. And what did that "bargain" do to small retail businesses in the last decade? Amazon will devour them. You can hate Bezos all you want, but the man plays for keeps. The only man he can't beat is Elon Musk.

  4. LOL LOL LOL Bezos is such an idiot. He contracted to fly on 3 launch platforms that haven't flown to orbit EVER! And 2 require BE4 engines that seem to be more firecrackers than rocket engines.

  5. "After successfully launching 4 tourist crew missions … jeff bozos is now ready to launch…" – How exactly is New Shephard NOT achieving orbit for a company that has NOT EVER put ANYTHING into orbit contributing to this jerk being ready for orbital launches of internet satellite constellations? New Glenn is a masterpiece of CGI and promises which have yet to be seen. None of these rockets EXIST yet!!! BE4 engines when exactly? When were they due again? How many are waiting for them to appear before they can proceed? jeff is an expert at taking contracts gained through lobbying, suing to stifle competition and making promises which then never deliver anything at all. He depends on Elon Musk for all his ideas – Paypal for Amazon, Falcon team members for rockets landing, SpaceX for internet satellite constellations etc etc. He doesn't have an innovative bone in his damn body! New Shephard is a toy for rich folk that doesn't even escape gravity and how much time and money did that take ffs!?
    There are startups which started only a couple of years ago with basically nothing but a second mortgage for funding who have achieved far, far more. e.g. RocketLab! Where is the media coverage of that?
    He seems to be motivated by a petulant and entitled spitefulness rather than a desire to actually achieve anything useful or positive. He is an embarrassment to the space industry.
    I don't expect anything but more space junk from Kuiper.
    I admire your ability to have faith in this arsehole despite the many reasons not to do so.

  6. Cut your Nose-Cone off 👃🏻 to spite your face 🦚… Sheer arrogance and pride over cooperation and common sense… Suggestion get my our satellites 🛰️ up build your network, then concentrate on your pet projects 🚀.

  7. The cost per launch is critical, future plans for unproven equipment is no way to quote prices. We'll call this a hopeful shot in the dark with prices likely to increase giving Jeff something to really think about. We have front row seats.

  8. Pretty good summary! Only tweak you might have mentioned to be complete is that OneWeb was forced as a practical matter to jump to SpaceX because of Russia- which, if I’m not mistaken, STILL is holding OneWeb’s last batch of satellite’s hostage (?), which actually is relevant to the overall discussion. But Amazon’s move is hugely significant; would love to see the contractual details, which of course we won’t see. But, it’s safe to assume they favor Amazon. As ULA and Arianespace made clear this past week after announcement, there is real money behind this, because they are now taking off and running on upgrades to their respective systems to be able to be the provider that can get up to the launch cadence and hold it. You’re correct in assuming not all three will get and keep this launch cadence and schedule. The most likely one to NOT succeed, IMHO….is Blue Origin, the largest recipient. They have, by far, the steepest hill yet to climb, in EVERY conceivable way; the launch cost for them you quote assumes reusability and launch cadence, which, even AFTER New Glenn’s successful first launch – WHICH WON’T BE FOR AT LEAST TWO YEARS, MINIMUM (IMHO, again)- couldn’t possibly be approached for several more years after That. And, unlike the others, Blue has never put a single ounce in orbit- yet. So on paper they are the big winners- but for the rest of the decade, they’ve got almost a vertical hill to climb, much less steep than Vulcan or Ariane 6. In other words, BO is not a ‘significant threat’ commercially for someone who needs to get their constellation up and running, for these next years. And those two competitors want to position themselves as so reliable and able to do the cadence, that if/when the other stumbles, they’ll automatically be able to pick up the rest. So for the next five years, the real competition will be between Ariane and ULA to see who can be the number 2 launcher of choice in the world; which will depend on who, most reliably, can spend these new monies from Amazon to truly modernize, upgrade, and make more resilient, their systems, from the 1980’s era systems they (still) are. – Dave Huntsman

  9. Bezos threw down his cards against Musk and in doing so actually intimated he thought of himself as Musk's intellectual equal if not his superior despite, Bezos complete lack of skill and demonstrated lack of aptitude if not ability compared to musk.

    During the subsequent contest of wills Musk and his people have thrashed Bezos and his like palm trees in a hurricane.

    Consequences deriving from this have consistently demonstrated conclusively that while Musk is unequivocally a brilliant and gifted innovator with exceptional skill in fields relevant to rocket engineering and pertinent space sciences.

    Bezos has none of it and so is totally reliant on people in his employ for every endeavor he has thus far undertaken with a nearly complete lack of success in the field, compared to musk and SpaceX anyway.

    Bezos subsequent actions consequent to his refusal to acknowledge defeat by Musk cognizant of his own inadequacies, left only himself to blame for compounding his humiliation.

    But it also resulted in nothing but hindrance, delay and other detrimental effects with regard to projects of vital concern the the US.

    Musk made and has consolidated his fortune in technical endeavors from the beginning and has excelled at it, this has enabled him to make notably significant contributions to global events such as hindering if not opposing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    Bezos, made his fortune peddling trinkets, but has nonetheless tried to emulate Musk in the fields at which Musk excels albeit with a singular if not spectacular lack of success thus far.

    Bezos is nowhere near getting his own hardware to orbit using his own vehicles as he claimed he could and would much less to the moon.

    He has consistently demonstrated a lack of aptitude and ability in the field of space sciences and technologies to the inconvenience if not detriment of many, yet he has somehow contrived to take yet another go at the lunar landing project?

    Bezos patently unrealistic conceit has consistently proven to be a serial embarrassment if not disaster to himself and others.

    It has also been a major inconvenience to people who can and have achieved what, they said they would, in the manner, they said they would and more than that they have excelled at it.

    As I understand matters no US based enterprise can perform or participate in space launches or related activities without the express consent of the US government and Musk has excelled at all aspects of this.

    Why on earth then does the US government continue to indulge Bezos despite all his counterproductive interference and hindrance pursuant to nothing more overtly substantial than ostensibly inept and arguably petulant egocentricity?

    A recent period of relatively peaceful progress with regard to the US space industry may have caused many people to begin hoping Bezos had finally acknowledged his limitations.

    It actually seemed possible he would finally be content to simply return to retailing diverse wares produced by others like Musk and leave the true innovators to get on with exploring space.

    But no, yet again Bezos has demonstrated there seem to be no limits to the magnitude of public derision he is willing to incur.

    Nor does there seem to be any limit to the extent of maliciously spiteful enmity Bezos feels towards Musk for Bezos complete and utter inadequacy at a contest of wills and abilities between them.

    A contest moreover, which Bezos instigated to begin with when musk attempted to give him some well informed and intentioned advice on the occasion of their one and only meeting to discuss mutual interests.

    It is the role and responsibility of any government in any democracy to serve, protect and promote the will and well being of people who comprise the consensus of values defining their culture and national identity.

    Thus far though the appalling hindrance and prejudice perpetrated on and demonstrated against Elon Musk and his companies by the current Federal administration in the US, is nothing less than an undemocratic disgrace.

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