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Are MatPat's Theories KILLING Video Games?


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  • Published On: 2022-04-24 09:00:13
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Hello! Welcome to my channel! I’m Nate Alyn

In this video, I am reacting to @The Game Theorists
“Game Theory: Are Theories
KILLING Video Games?”

Watch me try to survive Hardcore Minecraft
Hunger Games on Survival Island!

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  1. Yeah… Let's blame mediocre games with weak plots on a theory channel that just so happens to guess the plots of said games. That is not a fault of MatPat, that is the game's fault for being predictable. Come on man.

  2. Been noticing this with TV shows and movies as well. I think there was a reddit post going around about it, or it was a news post on Twitter (been while so I forgot), but apparently writers are getting on trouble and being forced to change things last minute because their bosses don't think people should be getting any plot points correct and that they're being written up because that means the plot is "too simple".

  3. You don't gotta react to Lost Bytes series on everything that was cut or changed for Security Breach, but there's a MOUNTAIN of stuff
    – Vanessa's original nice personality from the trailers where it seems you were genuinely working together to free her mind from Glitchtrap (go listen to her unused voicelines)
    – Gregory being revealed as one of Vanny's victims who managed to escape thus explaining his knowledge of "disappearances" (he knew the missing children from the bad ending)
    – Tons of scrapped gameplay…Roxy's boss fight where you'd actually get to go-kart race her, a much longer Burntrap boss fight where he'd come out of his room to chase you etc

  4. If you'd like a Food Theory suggestion, he did a video on milk. And THEN a video backing up that theory after receiving constructive criticism about it. Both sides are honestly super interesting, and I definitely recommend it.

  5. If you want to react to Food Theory, I have a couple suggestions.

    If you want something interesting: start with "What Makes A Sandwich A Sandwich?"

    If you want something more "lore based", go with "Grubhub Lore Exists And It's WEIRDER Than You Thought."

    If you want something downright ridiculous, "I Cooked A Steak in a Dryer… and it Worked!" is the one you want.

  6. first time watching you i do agree with you on how we youtubers do put in time on games im roblox plyer i feel that I do so much extra to give my subscribers or help others but I do feel what video bout that true some games dont make sense at all im gamer channel

  7. Haha, jokes on you, I know you're trying to trick me into writing a comment by telling me not to comment! Luckily, that would never work on me!

    No but seriously, loved the reaction as always. I'm not really into games with lore or such, and watch Game Theory pretty rarely (more a Food Theory kinda person), but this video was still really interesting!

  8. I really do feel like after FNAF 4 was released, suddenly the story changed. We didn't know it at the time, but that game was the first introduction to the Afton Family, and the series was gonna end there ( even though it felt like it ended on FNAF 3, Scott definitely did confirm that the series was gonna end around that time period )…

    But it didn't. He wrote the first book, and given a killer a name & a family. Ever since then, it felt like you can't play the newer games without hearing the name "Afton" and expect to know more about the Afton Family.

    It just got more interesting is all. If anything, I'm glad for the change. Since it was gonna end with a… Very underwhelming answer for the series.

    Hopefully future games would get better after this. Yes, the lore is interesting, but only part of the fun. 💙

  9. oh i definitely suggest food theory….
    i think it is currently the best out of the 3 theories channel
    For suggestions, maybe
    – Salt with actual tears…
    – Dryer Steak episode

    – Eating Christmas Tree (1 or 2, no matter which one)
    – Bread Gloves

    – Omega Mart (for LOOOORRREEEEEEEE…. inside of it….)
    – Coke Starlight episode

  10. Day 138 of asking Nate Alyn to react to The Finished Symphony The Festival To Doomsday by Blueberry TV, Jailbreak & jailbreak aftermath also by Blueberry TV (instead of the two jailbreak videos you could do Muffinpig's Dream Breaks Out Of Prison but it is 3 hours long…) and Kindacorals Egg lore series and basically just a lot of kindacoral & Blueberry TV videos. They're all very good

  11. "Marikiplier went super deep into Five Night's at Freddy's." I do agree with you, for a given definition of deep. Mark went deep into the gameplay of FNAF, at least for the older games. But what Mat is referring to here when he says "going deeper" is the idea of teasing out or assembling the stories that can't be gotten through gameplay alone. Game Theories don't just look for lore inside the games, but also incorporate outside research into science, history, culture, and even meta sources like job listings for voice actors. Mark has said before that he doesn't claim to be a FNAF lore expert – after all, the most famous Markiplier meme IS of him misidentifying the Bite of '83.

    Obviously Mark devoted a lot of time and energy into the franchise, but what Mat and the Theorist team do is on a different level. Over the years they've done everything from reading the literal source code on Scott Cawthon's website, to cracking hidden ciphers in a children's activity book, to counting the number of toes on various versions of robotic bears to determine how many of them are actually different animatronics, and which ones are just different names given to multiple representations of the same character at different points in the timeline. Mat is only half joking whenever he says he's sold his soul to the FNAF franchise.

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