Bernie Sanders is ATTACKING Blue Origin for saving NASA's $10 Moon Contract – YouTube

Bernie Sanders is ATTACKING Blue Origin for saving NASA's $10 Moon Contract


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Bernie Sanders is ATTACKING Blue Origin for saving NASA’s $10 Moon Contract
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Jeff Bezos has just got a second chance to compete for NASA’s lunar lander contract after it lost out to rival Elon Musk’s SpaceX last year.
However, it looks like Senator Bernie Sanders doesn’t want to let Bezos take that chance!
He is hard working to shoot down Bezos’ moon plans!!!
Why’s that?
Is it because Sanders has turned in favor of Musk and SpaceX?
Or simply change the goal?
Let’s find out the answer in today’s episode of Great SpaceX!

NASA just expressed that they want another moon lander for Artemis astronauts!
Notably, this newly announced competition will be open to all American companies except SpaceX.
This means the finalist for the previous award, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin will have a chance to break into the moon-landing market monopolized by SpaceX!
Bernie Sanders is ATTACKING Blue Origin for saving NASA’s $10 Moon Contract
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  1. Glad to see Bern going after Jeff Who. Jeff is an inadequate rocket maker and failed Spaceship Designer . Bernie wants this planets taxes to be spent mainly on our planet … Bozo is a bad investment … don’t waste your money on his team, the cream have left.

  2. Who the hell knows what goes through Bernie Sanders mind. Every day he is either ranting and raving throwing some lie toward us, are doing everything in his power to not do anything and then throw all of his party support to the Democrats when he drops out of every election running.
    But one way or another Jeff bezos is nothing more than a snake in the grass and a leech on taxpayer dollars. There is absolutely no sense in having a second completely different lunar lander, all that does is vastly increased cost for the project. Jeff bezos has had a long freaking time now and he still can't get his engine to run right because he refuses to change and all of his workers quit didn't do anything. NASA never had two systems in the past at the same time so why all of a sudden is it so damned imperative to have two systems now. All that does is complicate everything. Double the parts double the technology double the companies and so on and so on. And it all it's just so that Boeing mainly can get there good old kick back from the government that they've been living on for the last century, and they can't even build a passenger jet anymore that doesn't crash itself. This is a corruption that we are trying to stop and put our tax dollars to better use then they're shoving in power players pockets. 🕵️👎🏻

  3. Who are Musk's backers behind the curtain???? Check this out if you can think. These companies and the government can collect all your information by unwanted spying into your personal business. But you can't tap or surveil or track anything these buissnes men or politicians or anything about their buissnes deals. Or you'd be throwing in jail. Just the opposite of what should be going on. The country has allready been taken over by a small group of people working together with each other.

  4. It's time that the government set the price, these companies have gotten totally out of hand. Thier put profit ahead of the welfare of the population. Government should tell these contractors the price they're willing to pay and if they can't meet that. Guess they dont get the contact. These contract are basically phoney anyway. Because within them they have coast over runs for unforeseeable problems that may occur. Many times the lowest bid will end up with a over run several times higher than the highest bid. These people are smart. They've been working together for a long time as a behind the scenes, ratchet. They practice nepotism. They take care of each other, cooperate with each other, they place each other in key positions, they make sure the money and profits and technology flow into thier people's pockets under their people's control.

  5. This is about jobs. As the US economy automates jobs will be needed to fill the void. Like the original moon landing did in the 60's and 70's. When auto manufacturing went robotic. The second lander will be more a museum piece then an operational craft. Providing Space X lives up to it's promises. As the US will need Musk in order to beat China and Russia to the moon.

  6. No because sanders to s an old Luddite communist fool. He was,against millionaires until he became one, now he's against billionaires… least till he becomes one. He is a he worst of the corrupt.

  7. 3:22 so if Benzo, contributes money to help mankind to the moon, can he use for his tax exemption? Or is that money now deducted for "education?" 🙄….just never ends, Burnie represents that MASSIVE sucking vacuum momster system. Infact, if you could revert the polarty to blow outward, you could take space ships from earth to Alpha Centauri or Andromeda and back!

  8. Blue Origin is not saving NASA money, it is costing NASA due to law suites, politics and delays due to law suits! This is why I unsubscribed from this web site, it is so full of soft propaganda crap, but obvious!!! Bernie is very, very right in this, and everyone knows it! I couldn't stand to watch anymore of your twist and spin! We get enough of that from politics and now you are into twist and spin and politics for Blue Origin!
    Yes, it would be good to have two competitors and both a part of this out of date program, but SpaceX has no competition, except by law suites and politics. One would have to say SpaceX a hundred times before Blue Origin would come up, and even that is likely to be pushed down the list even further, being that Bezos BE4 engine is not working at all, and may never, meanwhile SpaceX is…………
    Maybe you were just being cynical or changed your theme afterwords, but why into your video, it was pathetic, like you were on Jeff Bezos payroll, and obvious!!

  9. If there will be any prize given to any of those company’s it should not be a cent more than what SpaceX got when they won, there is no need to pay more since if one can do it for 3,9 billion no one should ask more since they are not the best in the sector

  10. So they want to pay a guy like Jeff Bezos 3 times as much money as Musk and SpaceX even though Blue Origin hasn’t made a single flight? SpaceX is sending people to and returning them from the ISS. SpaceX is already manufacturing its Raptor2 while the BE4 hasn’t done anything but fail. It’s so typical of government to spend like this. Bezos must be laundering half of it to line the pockets of the politicians that are trying to send it his way. Good on Sanders for attempting to do the right thing whatever his reasons are. This money should all go to SpaceX. Musk will be on the moon before Blue Origin is off the ground.

  11. If Bezos or any Private company wants to compete for Taxpayer funding, then they should be required to pay at least 5 to 10 % of their annual profits to the IRS or use their own funds for all products that are not fully surrendered to NASA at the end of the project. No way should American Taxpayers fund private equipment that someone like Bezos will sell its services to others over & over and stick all that money in his own pocket. If you work for someone who pays you, all your inventions are owned by that employer.

  12. I along with every sensible person alive think if Bezos gets a government contract it's because he bought it. I think if Elon's new rocket works he should get any contracts. As far as I can see Bezos has done nothing.

  13. NASA can see what their Moon Lander look like from SpaceX, that's why they offered the contract. The other two company beside a mock up of a vehicle, no engines, and depend on a rocket that currently can't get off the ground. If they want to use Super Heavy, Elon should charge a premium to those companies if they want a lift into space.

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