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Because his competitor uses a Russian engine in its rockets, Elon Musk said that the US should pay his company, SpaceX, for launching services into space in light of Russia’s invasion of Crimea. Let’s know more!

Hey guys! Welcome back to our channel Elon Musk Evolution where we tell you all the latest news about Elon Musk and his multi-billion companies. In today’s video, we are going to tell you about the Russians giving America yet another reason to support SpaceX and also the tension between Russia and Ukraine. So, stay with us till the end of the video.

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Musk pointed out that United Launch Alliance, ULA, a 50-50 joint venture owned by Boeing and Lockheed Martin, uses an Atlas V expendable rocket-powered in part by a Russian-built RD-180 engine while testifying before the Senate Committee on Appropriations Defence Subcommittee.

Paying ULA rather than SpaceX to provide launches into space for the US government is bad for America’s self-interest: he argued,

“In light of Russia’s de facto annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea region and the formal severing of military ties, the Atlas V cannot possibly be described as providing assured access to space for our nation when the supply of the main engine depends on President Putin’s permission.”

SpaceX, on the other hand, uses the Falcon 9 rocket, which is made entirely of American components. To get those, you don’t need Putin’s permission.

Senator Dick Durbin questioned ULA President and CEO Michael Gass about the company’s relationship with the Russian company that manufactures the RD-180 engine. First, Gass stated that ULA has engines on hand, indicating that if the federal government needed to launch a rocket, trouble with Russia would not be an issue.

He went on to say that ULA owns the engine’s blueprints and specifications and that it has demonstrated that it can build it itself if necessary.

A spokesperson for United Airlines vehemently denied Musk’s claim and retaliated against SpaceX in a statement, that is about Atlas V and could not be more incorrect. Our nation’s national security satellites will continue to have safe access to space thanks to Atlas V. To avoid supply disruptions, ULA keeps a two-year supply of RD-180 engines on hand in the United States, and it has developed significant engineering and manufacturing capability, demonstrating the ability to co-produce the RD-180 domestically.

In the event that Atlas V launch vehicles become unavailable, critical national security payloads could be transferred to ULA’s Delta IV EELV family of launch vehicles under the mandate of assured access to space.

The same cannot be said for Space X’s rockets, which currently do not meet the needs of our country’s national security launch requirements.
The Senate hearing’s goal was to find ways to cut costs in the space launch programme. Musk also argued for more competitive contracts, claiming that SpaceX can provide more reliable service at a lower cost than United Launch Alliance.

Moreover, Ukraine, the second-largest country in Europe after Russia, played a “major role” in Soviet cosmonautics, according to Elon Musk. As a result, Musk reacted to a comment made by user @compdemon “The majority of ‘Russia engineering’ was developed in the Soviet Union, with Ukrainian engineers and scientists at the helm. The Russian Federation has not made any space revolution in its 28 years of existence, relying on old Soviet technology.”

The State Space Agency of Ukraine, SSAU), as UNIAN previously reported, wants to build a spaceport outside the Curtin air base in the Kimberley, pitching the idea as a response to Australia’s decades-long desire to host its own launch facility.

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