China's 5 Year Plan of Space Exploration Released – Here's What It Says – YouTube

China's 5 Year Plan of Space Exploration Released - Here's What It Says


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  • Published On: 2022-03-24 03:30:02
  • Video Published/Author: Anton Petrov
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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the China’s 5 Year plan in regards to their space program

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  1. I think the best thing China could do to assert it's dominance as space power is to do something never done before, so there's no point in putting a man on the moon as this was supposedly done in the 1960's, no point in going to Mars as NASA & ESA have been there loads, do something like land on Europa first or put an orbiter around Venue or Saturn, etc.

  2. I have to wonder about the dielectric effect on the body's electrical functions, e.g. in nerves and the brain.

    When people are in water with neutral buoyancy do they experience weightlessness? Every molecule in the body has the pressure of the water throughout just as the frog has every (every?) molecule held up. Yet I don't hear of divers experiencing weightlessness.

  3. be more lies cant believe the news anymore BIDEN is wanting a war I'm telling everyone now if BIDEN gets his own way it will be ww3 if UKRAINE HAD ANY SENSE THEY WOULD STAY AWAY FROM NATO IF THERE NOT WILLING TO FIGHT FOR YOU WHY JOIN THEM and just so the rest of world know PUTIN asked to join NATO and was laughed at this world is over I never thought i would say this but I'm glad I'm dying of cancer cant wait to get of this place we are supposed to call home EARTH

  4. In a free nation, there is the need to shackle knowledge and abilities, such as "anti-gavity" privities forces, in space, for a "communist" nation, there is one monopoly of power and ability purpose, so technologies that have been supress elsewhere, is practised on the east side. Example plasma power, nuclear electric thrust engines & angular effect gyrocoptic into geo-scoptic abilities etc.

    So in a pure goverment sync body nation, this is not an attempt of free-energy and absolute free travel ability exploitation, the way the west are confined into this Verticle Chem-rocket Burn Assist all the way to the Heavens tournament business idiocracry bureaucracy.

    Just like the hidden eventually leaking achievement of the soviet, from western espionage infomation.
    China, is becoming the Build Operational Revolution Governing ( B.O.R.G ) power core, in the space race, while swaring, she is not attempting interstellar space espionage against a wester funds spent Force .

  5. Sounds like we are paving a way to exploit wickedness, with a naive hope for the future.
    Maybe we should test the grounds for….. Discourse to understand the dismissed veiled ends of what knowledge could be used for; hope!

  6. 3:15 to 3:25 How did they get $46B in revenue for it? It is less accurate than the freely available GPS and GPS so how does China collect money for their alternative? Is that $46B from the Chinese tax payers? The US military has secret technology to get extremely precise GPS coordinates down to 1cm of error but I think Anton is referring to the publicly available GPS which tends to be around 3-6 meters of error.

  7. There is so much poor content out there to consume, I love watching these videos and learning something that’s actually valuable that’s happening in the world. 🙏 Anton, keep up the awesome work

  8. I would argue that China is not communist. It became a fascist dictatorship in the past 30 years, more similar to Nazi Germany. Their economy is pretty much capitalist on the small scale, as industries go up the size scale they are subject to ever more control by the state. They have their own government approved billionaires and millionaires, certainly impossible in the old China of Mao. I wish Chinese ambitions in space well. They will be better focused and funded than in the West. In the end it will be a great contribution to humanity.

  9. omg CHINA IS NOT COMMUNIST, they are STATE CAPITALIST! They call themselves Communist to appropriate the aesthetic, much like the US calls itself "land of the free" with the world's highest prison population total AND highest percentage of the population in prison

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