Elon Musk explains latest SpaceX Starship & Super Heavy facts – YouTube

Elon Musk explains latest SpaceX Starship & Super Heavy facts


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In an update on Feb. 10, 2021, SpaceX’s Elon Musk explains how much Starship can carry to orbit, Super Heavy’s engines and more.

Credit: SpaceX


  1. "We actually finally settled on 33 actual engines, which is actually about the most number of actual engines you can actually put under that actual booster without actually expanding the actual diameter."

    -Elon Musk

  2. Unbelievable, literally unbelievable. He increasingly promises things he doesn't deliver. Fanboys, don't call this "hate", it's truth! Solar Tile, Autonomous Car, Robo Taxis, Freightliners, VTOLelectric supersonic jets, hyperloop, "wormhole" tunnels, unbreakable auto windows (that one should have been easy) Is this not true?

  3. To mockers ; its important to have a plan B . Planet for habitation also interplanetary travel. ( Positrons/ electrons ) ( negative/ positive) if nature , physics does it . So should we( humanity)…🖖

  4. Most have to understand, without a 3rd stage feature, which probably would be of adjacent Mel-Falcon form design, this means refilling (& refueling) DOUBLE round-trip, of a 2full Starship PER routing, of Risk-Fuel-Refill(O2)-Time …because the BN/Beast (must &) cannot park the SN stage in orbit velocity completly. Now, don't get the Launch Stand & Mechazilla feet burned. Raise those Claws & Chopstix! (use the Stand as park rest or pend launch hold).

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