Elon Musk Insane SpaceX Mindblowing $3.2B Space Factory – YouTube

Elon Musk Insane SpaceX Mindblowing $3.2B Space Factory


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Elon Musk Insane SpaceX Mindblowing $3.2B Space Factory

Space crafts like the Starship need a lot of maintenance and attention like no other vehicle. That’s why Elon Musk is planning and working on a great Space Factory that will cost around 3.2 Billion dollars, that will be a dust free environment, support machines to maintain the ship and greatest of all will be on the space itself. Please keep watching to know all its features.

Elon Musk Insane SpaceX Mindblowing $3.2B Space Factory


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  1. If SpaceX designs a similarity to the Von Bruan space station design, a centripical motion craft, can offer gravity without geo acceleration, and angular gyro momentum turning gyroscoptic into geo-scoptical cruise path, a sci-"fi" term called "pulse engine," this combo is essential for non-micro grav render purpose, like a space craft station.

  2. can they made s factory in space that is entirely radiation proof?? if they just block it to reduce the radiation aren't microchip made from space useless? as we know, micro chips are delicate even small radiation can make bit flips. specially if the chip parts are contaminated. unless they are making a chip with material use in space travel.

  3. dumbest thing ive ever herd. what are you going to do waste fuel and rockets to send material into space when you can manufacture here. instead of spending all that money up there spend it down here to figure out how to manufacture cleanly and quietly.

  4. Well that breathless monologue insane SpaceX factory is simply BS!
    1.) If there are people working somewhere they will produce dust by shedding skin particles. So regardless if it is on earth or in space you need an appropriate clean room air con and filtering system.
    If there are processes that benefit from Zero-G. There is no way SpaceX will produce its rockets in space!
    2.) 3.9 Bn US$ is a fraction of a Tesla factory investment.

  5. Feb 28 is last due date imposed by FAA to issue a license to SpaceX’s starship program, they already postponed it three times, meanwhile China is making another space station and Russia is improving their rockets and engines, space race is on since 1960’s

  6. 20 years ago this dreams were unreachable, ephemerals… today thanks to Elon Musk this dreams are not only possible but real and true, hope life lets us see SpaceX’s Starship on Mars soon, Without FAA killing those dreams for our country, SpaceX can move out as Tesla did.

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