Elon Musk Just Got A TERRIFYING WARNING From Vladimir Putin! – YouTube

Elon Musk Just Got A TERRIFYING WARNING From Vladimir Putin!


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  • Published On: 2022-04-13 18:40:36
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Elon Musk Just Got A TERRIFYING WARNING From Vladimir Putin!

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  1. Trust me, Musk doesn't wanna F'ck with Putin! Russian military technology is far far more advanced than anything the west has ever seen! And Russia is sitting on it for the big surprise should they ever need to use it! The ASEAN is the most powerful economic and military alliance that has ever graced the earth! They could easily squash America and all of NATO in only a few years and I believe they will do just that! And Russia is the kingpin in that alliance!And in a Nuke war America and NATO would lose big time and never recover, while the ASEAN would still be at least %50 alive and kicking!

  2. i feel the frustration of the people that want to ban Russian State TV. they get to dump their bigotry and russian supremacist propaganda on democracies but most russians only have only one news source and it couldn't really be called news. whats worse is the russians in the neighboring countries, still only watch russian TV even when they have more truthful options and brainwashed into being willing accomplices to help "liberate" a new russian republic. im a big free speech guy but in wartime you have to control the media and the kremlin knows this and have been purging any dissent over Ukraine since their first invasion 8 years ago. being invaded and cities shelled indiscriminately and watching inoccent woman and children murdered makes you not care too much about giving the invader more airtime to sow confusion and weaken moral so they can slaughter you more efficiently.

  3. Don't they mean "von braun Jr " , Wake up this whole thing stinks of another fed reserve funded war , That lists got much much shorter since being wrote up years ago , Sick old men using human lives as pawns in there games , Sick & sad wake up …

  4. I would not take on Vladimir Putin ( a man with a deadly airforce) if a teenager was able to track my private jet anywhere at anytime an publish the information on twitter, also i would not as a civilian insult one of the KGB's most accomplished members, they might take offense.

  5. He does have to be careful. Russia is fucking nuts and is FAMOUS for assassinating a LOT of people ANYWHERE with complete immunity and not a SINGLE word they speak can be trusted. 300 years of consistent lies and betrayal proves this without debate.

  6. If i could i would build a spaceship and takes my chances in space and leave this world behind.
    and E Musk's Rockets Build Societies Unlike War Rockets Destroy Life. E Musk Rocks!
    Support The People OF Ukraine! Thank You E Musk Sir For Doing Extraordinary Tech To Make Lives Of People Better.


  8. Elon Musk is an incredibly intelligent man, who just happens to be a Billionaire. It’s so refreshing to watch him apply his Billions towards creative innovations that benefit humanity, while having fun in the process. What I really admire about him, is he strives to do good, and applies the required logic to justify his positions. In this case he is supporting freedom of speech in Ukraine and doing whatever is required to ensure it happens.

  9. Putin needs to worry about his elderly and starving people that live rural in Russia,,, i just watched a show on YouTube on it,,, It was unbelievable….. also the-rural Chinese live like that,,,they are living in 3rd world poverty".. and everyone is taught to hate America,

  10. I messaged Elon on Twitter someone is lying to him this is the stupidest thing I’ve seen Elon do Ukraine is Russia Elon is getting played this is all usa brittoan and zelenski the traitors lies and fault

  11. Picking the right side is a no brainer. The Ukraine government and military are controlled by the Azov Nazis. These are REAL NAZIS, as bad or worse than Hitler's Nazis. They refused to honor the Minsk 2 Agreement and declared war on Russia, then they proceeded with their plans to exterminate pro Russian separatists in the republics that voted to withdraw from the Ukraine because they wanted nothing to do with the Nazis. Russia stepped in to stop the war and the Genocide.

    So, if you support the Ukraine, you are a fricken NAZI and you are likely going to HELL.

  12. Any hope that Musk could be a voice of hope is a false dawn. His actions upset me greatly why would you want to destroy a country with a long historic past that suffered under Hitler and at the same time Stalin. That Russia no longer exists and he is an intelligent man and should appreciate that. Very sad!

  13. Thanks Elon for what you’re doing for them Ukraine didn’t deserve this and I love that you’re using your smart genius brain and your money to help these people my hat is off to you I am ready too seriously get a passport go over there take my sniper rifle find Vladimir Putin and put an end to his murdering reign I swear that’s what I’m about to do because I’m sick and tired of watching the videos of all these little babies and kids winning man hiding under ground or in a steel mill that’s still being bombarded buy this evil sack of crap if the United States of America isn’t going to go over there and help them then I think we should get special privilege if we volunteered to go over and help them fight I’m a hell of a shot I’ll take it give me the passport a volunteer

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