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Elon Musk opens up about Iron Man


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Elon Musk recalls how he worked with Robert Downey jr and Jon Favreau on Iron Man. How it all happened. Well today we will break down this story and explain what was Elon Musk’s role in Iron Man movie


Elon Musk’s Interview about Iron Man 👉 https://youtu.be/etXPnhxE0yA

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  1. Yea but Elon Musk is no engineer and his technical knowledge is maybe at high school level. Musk didn't actually came up with anything he is often being credited for. He was hired as a developer for early PayPal, paid in shares, eventually fired for incompetence. But he kept his stock, once PayPal blew up he sold his stock and bought Tesla, which was already making electric cars before him. Elon's true skill is not engineering but being great sham artist. All the things he was promoting over the years are either false or decades old ideas (Hyperloop, reusable rockets, boring tunnels, self-driving cars). I am not aware of anything that can actually be credited to Elon Musk.

  2. Wene the designers and those that bring it to life in the real world,,, the builders, work hand in hand,, things work much better then wene all it kept secret form group to group,, such as some of the other companies out there keep it all in house,, space x is an awsome company that is litteraly replacing NASA in many ways,, only becuz all involved are involved, and they all party together in all successful projects 🤔🤔👍

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