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Elon Musk's Starship Update Presentation Reaction & Analysis


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  • Published On: 2022-02-11 10:19:33
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Elon Musk is giving an important update on SpaceX’s Starship plans. Tune in as the NSF team breaks down the presentation starting with pre-event coverage one hour before. We will then bring you the event live, followed by post-event reactions and analysis.

24×7 Coverage: http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/starbaselive


  1. Spacex should make single stage to orbit , nuclear engines , and more futuristic designs for Starship and other Space ships in the future . They should make new advanced space propulsion technologies and other technologies . They should go more advanced and futuristic and make new designs in the future .

  2. I believe starship will be ready for the Moon . NASA delayed the Moon landing mission so if anything Spacex will be there before NASA . I know about the delays and setbacks with Starship but they will still be ready enough in time for the Moon missions .

  3. I think the hardware and other stuff are already for orbital launch ,.. maybe for a while now ( since they have been working and waiting since last year ) . It is already ready to go . They may not be 100% completely finished and ready but it is good enough now and by March would probably be completely ready by then ( this was supposed to be posted earlier before March )

  4. I am not satisfied with just ocean space ports . There needs to be alot on land as well like airports . They should make it work . It doesn't take advantage of the transport capability , from surface to surface , if only going to ocean space port to ocean space port , connecting only ocean space ports . It has to cover as much of the Earth as possible . It would be great to have space ports on land as well .

  5. It is sad about the future of Starbase what will happen and what will come of it if they can't launch there . It will be second graded to Cape Kennedy . We already knew that would happen but Starbase is still supposed to shine . It can't even do testing of prototypes and finishing with experimentation and development when that is its sole purpose . I am sure it will still have a future tho , in the longer term , continuing its mission of testing developing experimenting and prototyping , for Spacex works and projects , as well as being a space port conducting lots of flights .

  6. Wished Elon talked more about the potential customers for the Starship and booster system and explained more about the imagination of the vehicle system and how it would go full commercial like airplanes or cars .

  7. Space Force will obviously be one of the customers for the vehicle system as well as many others to take advantage of this system and it's capability . Private sector , cargo , transportation , government , businesses , commercial sector , other space agencies and more .

  8. Would be cool for starship refueling I can't wait until it happens . It should happen sometime after the orbital launch and as the system becomes more proven and mature . As soon as the system can do like the falcon and is more ready , ready to do more things .

  9. Starship commercialization would be good . Drive the costs down and be available for others around the world . Customers . There could be a lot of customers for the Starship and booster system . For Space Agencies , the U.S Space Force and other Space Forces , private sector , businesses , transportation – aerospace transportation , cargo carrying , governments etc .
    It is a very attractive system and as its previously given price could be good for others , customers , and if it can go down even further , it would be very good and could have more widespread commercial use and be a " holy grail " .

  10. Will Spacex establish more space launch sites for Starships I don't think Cape Kennedy/Canaveral is good enough besides Boca Chica / Starbase . They should make it like airports , Space Ports that function like Airports with rapid and full reusability , as well as like Tesla gigagactories , large places to manufacture , mass manufacture Starships and also launch them . They could be all over the world probably a handful of locations like with Tesla gigafactories . These can be near the equator and also east . I am sure there are at least a dozen areas Starships and other rockets can launch around the world . In addition to at sea launch sites . I just don't think Starbase , Cape Canaveral and oil rigs and at sea launch sites are good enough .

  11. In the q&a Musk said they may stretch Starship . I don't really want it stretched and elongated they should widen it as well if that is the case a good dimension proportion and good design not some pencil or longer height cylinder . Otherwise it would look narrow stretched and high , not much of a good , at least good looking , design . It should keep it's dimensions proportion / ratio if it gets longer or higher it should get wider as well even if it is better not to widen it more .

  12. Did you cut out the actual presentation ? Bruh , it jumped from 8 to 9 before the presentation started to when the whole thing ended ? I'm confused am I missing something . I never got to watch it when it happened but over a few days since it happened and last week Monday I believe I watched pretty much all of it . I wanted to see reactions and what others had to say especially live on live chat while the presentation was happening . Not just on Spacex channel but this channel and other space coverage channels . I wanted to be among those watching it and reacting and commenting on it , with the rest of the community and viewers , live , despite not watching it and being on live myself .

  13. Get real read some science fiction which made public the complications of Space! Musk might say he wants to colonise Mars!. The future and Space travel are controlled by AI and Android!. Asimnof in fifties "I Robot" spelled out possible rise of AI and Androids and their challenge to humans! Musk is known for his failure to walk the walk after talking the talk!. There is only reason to colonise Mars is to create a base from which to control Earth! We can colonise Mars but we cannot stop humans being changing body /mental configuration. Constant threat of an "emergency" will be like "Russian. Roulette!.

  14. @nasaspaceflight When Elon was discussing Raptor 2 production, he did say by next month they should be up to 1 per day. He never said, that the production will NOT get any faster than that. By his tone, it sounds like the Raptor 2 production will continue to get faster… the 1 per day is only next month. In 12 months from now, they may be up to 2, 3, 4, 5 per day, whatever. If they end up producing 35,000 R2s, I'm sure they will get at least that number build well before 95 years. Side note: by the time they maybe hit 1000-2000 Raptor 2s.. they will probably be beginning to build a more advanced Raptor 3, which was loosely hinted (not by name, but with enough changes that were eluded… it'll probably become a Raptor 3)

  15. Is it possible to maybe release some type of chemical components or to cause some type of reaction in space that could start the process of maybe developing an atmosphere for or around Mars? Making life more sustainable? Even eventually developing a gravitational pull or system. Does it matter that space is a vacuum and if attempted would creating an atmospheric atmosphere simple be vacuumed away? Thank U

  16. That of the FAA is delaying the project a lot. It is understood that the ship is not yet ready to fly with crew, but postponing the flight due to noise pollution seems completely absurd to me. They SHOULD first consult the residents of Boca Chica if they are affected by the launches, I THINK they would agree with the launches, since in the first place having a company like SPACE X in their community has brought them progress, greater circulation of money, raised the price of housing and attraction of visitors. THING the FAA will never give them if it regulates launches THIS is the same as banning JFK airport due to noise pollution. IF there was a way for the inhabitants of Boca Chica to agree, it would be excellent.

  17. Still amazing to watch history being made right in front of us all. Thank you to everyone involved in building the first Starbase for the biggest rocket ever built by the best team ever since the Apollo program. Following in the footsteps of lots of great women and men who had an unstoppable dream to reach the heavens and beyond. Love it and nothing but positive vibes !! To infinity and beyond.

  18. 2:28:00 The discussion about development cost vs Saturn V or Apollo. Inflation adjusted cost of Apollo program is ca. $300bn in 2022 dollars. Spacecraft cost was ca 1/3 of that. That would ballpark Starship to ~ $10bn. Planetary society has a great cost of apollo spreadsheet at planetary org.

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