Episode 271 – Psyche-ology and Generally Crazy Relativity – YouTube

Episode 271 - Psyche-ology and Generally Crazy Relativity


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  • Published On: 2022-02-26 18:50:14
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A remarkably accurate test of general relativity confirms that not only does time run slower at your feet than at your head, but it runs slower at your eyes than your eyebrows. Plus, Psyche loses some of its metallic sheen, and we have spacewalk trivia and much more.

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0:00 – Start.
0:45 – Youtube Shorts News!
2:30 – Joshua applied to go to space, Addie did not.
3:21 – Tourist rides up to high orbit (300,000 ft to 1 million ft)!
4:44 – Stumper: If you got to take a balloon ride up to the stratosphere where would you go?
8:53 – If you could be that high above 1 spot on the surface of a planet, which one would you choose/where?
10:53 – Worldview is taking reservations.
11:30 – Sponsor: Atomic Clocks.
13:15 – News about the Milky Way Galaxy.
15:50 – Gaia peering into the galaxy and some of the history of galaxies.
21:26 – Trivia: What Apollo space mission has gone the farthest from the earth?
22:23 – Trivia: Who holds the record for the farthest from the earth that’s still in the earth’s orbit?
23:00 – Trivia: What’s the farthest humans in space have been from a pressurized vehicle?
23:25 – New Polaris missions wanna do space walks.
24:17 – Black holes and Fabric of reality? (General Relativity)
31:19 – Addie’s got some information on the Asteroid Pysche.
37:18 – faro vulcanism (melting iron in space?)
38:22 – Trivia Answer: The Apollo mission that went furthest from the earth is….
39:53 – Trivia Answer: The furthest a human’s gone from earth in her orbit is…
41:50 – Trivia Answer: The furthest people have been from their pressurized vehicle in space was…
43:45 – End (Thanks for Joining)


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