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Exploring the SCP Foundation: SCP-6747 - Chaos Theory


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  • Published On: 2022-04-04 12:30:02
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Written by: Azamo, Placeholder McD, Ralliston, stephlynch

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  1. This is going be such a mind fuck! Whooo lets goooo! Edit: Okay the dog, was that a subtle reference to one of the other council members, I think they should have tried to bring back him. you know the one we don't talk about because he was the best boy and the goodest boy, and the smartest. Also, Trans-dimensional Collaboration is never actually a good thing and doesn't work out ever.

  2. I like pataphysics to the extent of all its interconnected and complex stories, however, I see it as a separate Canon for SCP. It makes the other stories just stories, without the whole meta-narrative madness pataphysics brings

  3. When the attempted ressurection of a man, Jonathan King, whose name sounds powerful and ominous (like the 2014 David Jung movie: The Possession of Michael King), threatens baseline reality and multiple universes, with a take-over or utter destruction. Really love Pataphysics it's infinitely Dynamic.

  4. Powers and Stats:

    Tier: 11-C, up to High 1-A through narrative ascension

    Name: SCP-6747-C, Chaos Theory, The Scarlet Idol, Second Coming of Antichrist

    Origin: SCP Foundation

    Gender: Male

    Age: 71 years old physically

    Classification: Anafabula, Anti-Narrative

    Powers and Abillity:
    Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Subjective Reality, Matter Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Life Creation, Reality Warping, Plot Manipulation, Creation, Toon Force, Abstract Existence, Avatar Creation, Corruption, Breaking the Fourth Wall

    Attack Potency: Low Hypoverse level (Can manipulate SCP-6747-A3, a universe that exists below the Foundation's universe. This universe is not only even below 0-dimensional entities, but it should be as far below the main Foundation narrative as the latter is below the Swann narrative), up to High Outerverse level through narrative ascension (SCP-6747-A3 can become more dimensionally complex to the point of matching the Foundation's narrative if they pay too much attention to it. When it was stabilized into staying on the level of the Foundation, it threatned to manifest into and invade the Alpha Layer)

    Speed: Unknown, up to Irrelevant through narrative ascension (Can potentially manifest into the Alpha Layer)

    Lifting Strength: Unknown, up to Immeasurable through narrative ascension

    Striking Strength: Low Hypoversal, up to High Outerversal through narrative ascension

    Durability: Low Hypoverse level, upo to High Outerverse level through narrative ascension

    Stamina: Unknown

    Range: Low Hypoversal, up to High Outerversal through narrative ascension

    Standard Equipment: None

    Intelligence: Possibly Gifted (Has the same memories as Dr. King)

    Weakness: SCP-6747-C requires attention from higher beings in order to rise higher. Rising to higher levels of reality causes his reality to become more grounded, thus losing some degree of anomalous weaponry and technology

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