Factorio -Space Exploration mod – 49- I don't even know what comes next! Part 1 – YouTube

Factorio -Space Exploration mod - 49- I don't even know what comes next! Part 1


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  • Published On: 2022-05-18 04:42:03
  • Video Published/Author: TinyPirate
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Bio Science 2 is kinda done. Now what? Let’s see how much progress we can make in this Factorio Space Exploration let’s play series episode. Hope you’re enjoying this gentle stroll through an amazing Factorio mod!


  1. gosh the bots are now even targeting small youtube channels as well! i had to get rid of the bots here by flagging and reporting then! also keep going with this seres more factorio players need to know how to play space exploration mod more easily. also can you nicely tell the mod author of space exploration to not be so hell bent in forcing players to play his mod a certain way instead trying of playing nice with other mods that enach the expanse. also can you tell the mod author that we knida would like to have him to add common sense nuclear spaceship engine tiers that can use a mix of nuclear reactor heat and rocket fuel with heat exchangers. also a nuclear fusion engine that runs off of fusion plasma with fusion plasma fuel tanks as well. it's basically just like the ion engines the mod already has but its the next tier between ion and antimatter! however the nuclear fission engines need to use heat from a ship's fission reactor by heat from heat exchangers with rocket fuel to work that's to fit the missing tech spaceship tier before ion engines that is missing!

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