First Test of an In-Air Ionic Warp Drive – The Aerowarp – YouTube

First Test of an In-Air Ionic Warp Drive - The Aerowarp


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  • Published On: 2022-03-06 05:28:23
  • Video Published/Author: WarpDriveTech
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WARNING! Safety First! = Spinning magnets around at high speed is extremely dangerous. If a Neodymium magnet shatters, the pieces are propelled by extremely strong fields pressures, in addition to the centripetal force of the spinning mass. The pieces can cut through tissue like a shotgun. In addition, while a little static electricity is fun to play with, this project is using a 30kV Flyback transformer from a TV set, powered by a battery, that as a system can provide several hundred watts of HV power. Enough to kill a man stone dead instantly! Putting the HV in a protected box, with no access to the HV other than through an insulated wire, is for my own safety and those around me.

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  1. did you try to study the two DC copper inducers one on a washer and the other on a screw inside it in high voltage? (2, 90 degrees EM fields to each other with no way to align them selves to each other. a few of them screwed on a round plywood ) – by Stan Deyo – Lorentz O or permanent Lorentz force generator

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