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From Review - S1 E7 Theories and Recap Livestream (Call In)


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From Review S1 E7 call in Livestream Theories and Recap. Share your thoughts on this week’s episode of Epix From . Drop all your Theories and predictions live


  1. oh my it seems a lot of viewers agree that the high cheek bone monster should be taken off the screen!! He's the creepiest in the entire show. The scene of him looking over the hall staircase had me keep the light on all night!!

  2. My Questions:

    1. Can the Talismans be worn on the body like Boyed's wife's pearl neckless?

    2. Are the symbols on the Talismans key?

    (a) If so, can the symbols be brand onto the body?

    3. Can we trust the characters as reliable narrators?

    (a) Are the thoughts of the characters or thoughts implanted?

    (b) Like Sarah and Boyd's wife?

    (c) The sudden concern for food shortages, when there was never a shortages?

  3. This show is sooo good! I still have some questions though:

    I. Why is it only a partial town? The hospital and police station are missing, hence the school & post office being makeshift sheriffs office & medical clinic.
    2. Where are the bullet supplies coming from? I’m sure some of these ppl had guns in their car when they came, like Donna & her hunting trip. I’m sure many ppl have used the guns over time to try to stop the monsters or possibly end their own life. Yet, the Boyd, the deputy, & Donna’s people aim to shoot like they have no worries of a possible bullet shortage.
    #3. The Polaroid pic was from a later model Polaroid camera…therefore to me, the picture and the timeframe of its image doesn’t match. If Victor was in the pic as a child, & we are taking 50s or 60s; that style of Polaroid wasn’t on the market yet/available.
    4. Whoever is talking to Sara, did they protect her at night? She left the school/med clinic at night & left the door she walked home & got in safely to, is it another entity out there putting the monsters & ppl in the same place for entertainment? Do they see Ethan as a threat? Are they sending Jade scary visions to deter him?

  4. Tony, no one is doing From recaps, you have the market cornered. It's pronounced FA-TEE-MA, didnt know this was even a question, unless you know no Fatimas. The talisman in an enclosed area cracked me up, because they have been there way too long to not realize, yet Boyd did at the RV? confuzzled, thanks for doing the show.

  5. Great theories. Your analysis has me about 75% leaning towards aliens (but the chocolate bar may be a red herring). Father K was caught off guard…almost like the creature teleported and got the drop on him (maybe it is the zoo keeper who talks to Sarah and manifest itself as the boy-in-white?). There are A LOT of questions that need to be officially addressed before the season ends: 
    -How the Talisman really work, 
    -water / sewage / electricity, 
    -replenishing dry goods pantry, 
    -how victor survived to adulthood, and 
    -maybe who cleaned up the bodies after the 1st "2 car massacre"?

  6. This might be a bit long winded but hear me out. First I'm not sure what the creatures are, so this is not to disprove anybody's theory but just to brainstorm so to speak. If it's aliens, why does daylight effect them and why does a talisman ward them off, it doesn't jive with alien lore. How would the talisman be on earth, did the aliens bring them with them, then why does it ward them off if it's from their ship or home planet, maybe they're like kryponite from superman's planet. Aliens normally use humans for a purpose even if it's food they usually do not kill them all off like during victor's encounter, there goes your food supply in that case. The talisman line up more with Wendigos or skinwalkers except daylight doesn't effect them either. They've been reports of sightings during mornings, evenings and nights. Skinwalkers do shapeshift but usually it's into animals not people and normally they're misshapenedly shaped, something is off with their appearance; limbs too long or short just something off putting. Normally skinwalkers are Indian shamans or witches who practice dark magic with human sacrifice and cannibalism as well. Wendigos are formed from humans who indulge in cannibalism as well, they do not normally shape shift but can just like skinwalkers, mimic the voices of loved ones to lure you in. They are bald not with antlers but are very tall and gaunt and are very very carnivorous creatures with insatiable appetites. What ever these things are leave too much behind to be wendigos. Wendigos eat everything leaving barely a trace unless interrupted. The talismans make since for these types of monsters but nothing else does. All of these do use telepathy to communicate so I'm lost as to what they could be. Like I said, not here to throw shade on any theories just looking at all we know and trying to conclude what these things are. I love the mystery and look forward to finding out if anyone of us is right.

  7. Over the years I’ve become very picky as far as thrillers or horror films are concerned & I’ve been waiting for something like this! It’s got a bit of Stephen King, Frank Darabont, M. Night, S Raimi type of imagination & story telling. The actors are very good & I even love the music. The concentration on characters & storyline is critical to peaking viewers’ interest. I hope the series is renewed!

  8. I really think the show title tells the whole story. "FROM" stands for from a child's mind, more like from Victor's mind. Victor has been there longer than anyone else. He knows the trees are moving, he knows people are going to die, he knows where the far away trees take you. For example if one of the trees take you to the middle of a mountain far away from there how would you get back? As a child he doesn't really know how electricity works so the cords don't have wires in them and lead nowhere. The creatures in the town where old clothing because that's what he remembers from the outside world. I don't know just a theory.

  9. Is everyone in the town from the same time period?? The chocolate bar that Father Khatri dug up looked verrry old. I'm not American so I have no idea what the brand is but it definitely looks like it could be from the 60s 🤷🏾‍♀️ also how long has everyone been there… Donna said she's been there for a year and the doctor said 6 months but I'm not convinced that their perception of time is correct 🤔

  10. Not feeling alien really. It can be any number of creatures. I watched Supernatural for many years every episode and still doing my research lol! However day and night are important and I noticed something in reference on Father Khatri’s person. Watching again after work to continue detecting…..

  11. If it's aliens it would have to do with something with the Mayans they made the talismans they also gave them a map on the talismans to get out if the Mayans did have anything to do with it they could have made the talismans from whatever ship that crashed to Earth at that time it will be like Superman allergic to kryptonite

  12. Seems like families or people who have unresolved issues end up trapped there. I'm trying to figure out why the monsters are from a specific time period. The girl said something too, she said, "I didn't choose to be like this", were they converted? Also I think that Victor is the key. I can't shake that thought.

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