Head of Roscosmos: Russia's role in space exploration is indispensable – YouTube

Head of Roscosmos: Russia's role in space exploration is indispensable


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  • Published On: 2022-04-03 12:22:14
  • Video Published/Author: CGTN
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Western countries are heavily sanctioning Russia’s space program as the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues. The European Union has decided to suspend cooperation with Russia on exploring Mars. Dmitry Rogozin, head of Russia’s space program known as “Roscosmos,” told CGTN that Russia’s role in space exploration is indispensable.

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  1. Russian space agency roscosmos I'm trying to get in touch with you about mars I already worked out on my own it was clay based that one was obvious I know I'm Australian and I tried to call your agency but to no avail I summised you probably didn't want to accept the call due to sanctions which makes it difficult to give you my thoughts on the workings of Mars such a shame because I have thought that the streams on Mars were likely to be made of nitrogen not water due to the temperature fluctuations I think this is a more probable option don't you agree?

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  4. Uuum, US DOES have the capability to take astronauts and supplies to the ISS through SpaceX.
    SpaceX has taken Astronauts to the ISS.
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  5. Its so sad that only russia wants to continue the space program. I guess the soviet nostalgia is mostly tied to people wanting to go and see the universe. Why are the western nations so petty? There are many things above politics and wars…but for some reason, the rich want people to suffer

  6. The Chinese space program should be thanking the Russian space program and NASA for providing them with all the technology they were able to steal as part of their IP theft program run by the CCP To give them the technology to have a space program.

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