How ALIEN PARTICLES From Space are Causing Computers & Smartphones To Crash – YouTube

How ALIEN PARTICLES From Space are Causing Computers & Smartphones To Crash


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  • Published On: 2022-04-30 21:41:44
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Hello friends, In 2003 in the town of Schaerbeek, Belgium, an error on an electronic voting machine added 4,096 extra votes to one candidate. But, it wasn’t a software bug, it was caused by a charged particle from outer space, which is called the Alien particle. But exactly, what is this particle? And how is it crashing the entire computer system? After researching this, it was caused due to a bit flip in the system, but how?? And do we have any kind of solution to this problem? Let’s find out!

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  1. Hamara universe bahot chota h ye 4mukh brahma ke duniya h to isme itna vigyaan possible nhi h haan but 8, 12, 16 se 1 lakh mukhi or 1crore mukhi brahma bhi h or unki universe hamare se kai guna badi hai or technology me bahot bahot aage hain to ye sab vedo ne bta rakha h ke hum aakele nhi h brahma ke mukh se samjhaia gaiya h ke or bhi kai guna powerful brahmand h kai lighting years door jiski aap hum kalpana nhi kar sakte h or nahi kabhi phaunch sakte hai 🙏🏻

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