Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Update + Soyuz MS-21 Mission Recap | SpaceX Pink – YouTube

Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Update + Soyuz MS-21 Mission Recap | SpaceX Pink


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  • Published On: 2022-03-19 03:44:27
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NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter flight operations extended through September.
And for the next week, we have many closures scheduled from Monday, March 21 to Thursday, March 24 from 10am to 10pm, and for Friday, March 25 from 6am to 4pm.

Credit: SpaceX, NASA,, LabPadre, Blue Origin, Roscosmos.

0:00​​ – Intro
0:09 – Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Update
0:19 – Closure Today
0:24 – Starbase Today
0:32 – Venting, Closure Later Maybe
0:44 – More Closures Next Week
0:55 – The Story of the Day
1:34 – NS-20 Launch Posponed, Why?
1:52 – SLS Close Up
2:05 – Soyuz MS-21 Mission Recap
2:41 – What Happened on this Day in Space History?
3:04 – Outro


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  1. Mark my words.
    People will get pissed for stealing the public access to the road and the beach.
    A billionaire should pay for some bypass, perhaps the hovercraft to take cars+passengers around – pro bono, obviously.

  2. Pete Davidson must have finally read the contract. "Uh, uh, what does "you might be killed" mean?" Now they have to find another 'celebrity' or they lose their rep as only for the rich and famous.

    Re Soyuz, the cosmonauts showed up in Ukrainian colors at the ISS. I saw pics, but it seems impossible. More precisely, it sounds like a trick. What are your thoughts? I know you mainly like to report facts (thank goodness!), but howza 'bout a lil casual speculation? 🙂

  3. Was für eine verrückte Welt! Einerseits führt Putin Krieg und tötet Zivilisten, andererseits schickt er Menschen zur Orbitalstation. Ohne jede Reaktion von zivilisierten Menschen? Für Frankreich ist es normal, Macron scheißt in die Hose, aber sind die alle so? Feiglinge?

  4. Haters of Kanye are sad people.
    I say do a gofundme for that flat Earth Jeranism guy from YouTube,
    so he can STFU please. But BO isn't doing an orbit, so he probably
    still wouldn't believe anyway.

    As to answer Tweeter- BO is to space as a 1/4 mile drag is to driving.
    Going up then falling down is not an "Astronaut" qualify or not.

    Nobody's ever left the Van Allen Belts anyway. It would require
    one foot thick of lead to shield from Sun's microwaves or you 🍗🍖

  5. Wouldn't that be a hoot flying around mars in a helicopter!.. What do you wanna bet ole bezos will be trying to run his little space ride while every one else has gone to the moon and mars.. WOW that SLS brings me back to the Apollo days for sure.. I sure hope those were actually cosmonauts that went up to the station and not some of Putin's bully boys.. I have nothing against the Russian people.. It is just with the threats that Roscosmos has been making it makes me a touch nervous for men and women up there now.. Thanks for everything Pink.. I truly appreciate your support..

  6. Why else would a smashing success like SpaceX be delayed by government fiat? The government wants to make sure its $pace Launch $system expensive boondoggle gets into space before the economically effective and efficident Starship. FAA fools nobody. NASA fools nobdy. Nice words. Bad acts. We see it.

  7. So, he walks in front of the camera with his ball cap on backwards, his left glove on his right hand as he salutes Jeff Bozo the clown and says, "IZ'a asternot. I'm agonna ride that there pogo stick instead of riding a real rocket to a real orbit " !

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