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Iron Lung playthrough but you can see


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  • Published On: 2022-04-15 15:46:35
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cant have enough of the camera settings
also god dam this video’s traffic, never thought this’d go beyond 100 views
dont expect any more similar content on my channel

got really curious to see how the game works(are there even other games that pull off same fake camera stuff?)
…how conveniently there’s another camera screen in the submarine right in front of you that’s just hidden

Also most of the things aren’t supposed to render outside of the default 50 units distance so thats why you’ll see a whole bunch of things pop-up.

There is no real fish during the scripted sensor encounters, there’s an invisible “FakeDetector” just for that.

Time stamps:
0:00-4:20 preparations
4:20-6:06 #1
6:06-8:10 x322, y186
8:10-8:37 #2
8:37-10:00 x378, y263
10:00-11:49 #3
11:49-13:32 x259, y406
13:32-19:10 #4
19:10-19:53 x613, y157
19:53-22:10 #6
22:10-24:46 x864, y258
24:46-26:32 #5
26:32-28:30 stupid fish camera
28:30-30:19 #5 continuing
30:19-33:09 x568, y277 jeffrey
33:09-33:38 fish disappearence
33:38-35:24 moving towards photo #7
35:24-37:37 x623, y520
37:37-39:48 #8
39:48-41:33 structure
41:33-42:31 #8 continuing
42:31-42:46 Fire extinguisher usage
42:46-44:38 #8 continuing…
44:38-46:28 x180, y576
46:28-47:52 #9
47:52-48:30 x325, y741
48:30-50:15 #10
50:15-50:50 scripted encounter(remember that i raised camera’s FoV at the start?)
50:50-55:41 #10 panic
55:41-56:31 x675, y828
56:31-56:33 i’ve shat myself
56:33-57:50 end

Tools used:
BepinEx x64 v5 Mono –


  1. This is fascinating because actually I've never even seen the exterior view moving around in realtime except during very early tests with that camera screen (before there was any environmental detail to speak of). It actually looks very cool!

  2. Only problem with this video is I think you spent too much time messing with the sub layout, putting things on and taking them off, messing with the settings and not enough time just exploring the map. Also, I'm about 100% certain that the camera is actually real, not just a trick, and it is taking a picture of the layout.

  3. It really shows just how much this game was made with you not being able to see out the front in mind. The way the layout is set even if you can see out the front, you still have to stop and look because you're focused on the controls. Fascinating stuff, and again it really shows just how genius the camera is because you're actually taking a real picture.

  4. 50:15 So I for whatever reason never thought to look through my camera, and I had just assumed that one of my proximity detectors on this decrepit sub had malfunctioned. I went all the way to final coordinate with that proximity detector beeping at me, and led to an even more intense ending for me.

    Feel a bit dumb not trying it in hindsight though…

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