It's REALITY! Elon Musk & NASA : First Ever Warp Bubble Has FINALLY Been Created! – YouTube

It's REALITY! Elon Musk & NASA : First Ever Warp Bubble Has FINALLY Been Created!


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  • Published On: 2022-02-28 01:45:08
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It’s REALITY! Elon Musk & NASA : First Ever Warp Bubble Has FINALLY Been Created!

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Traveling out of this world is no longer a dream now, as the #warpbubble has been created. Where would you love to go if this warp drive is possible? Now #Mars and other #satellites will be your next spots. How fascinating it is when you will tell your family that we are going to Mars in these summer vacations. To bring this dream into reality sticks with the video as we are going to tell you, how can you quench your adventurous thirst.
Excited to know? Let’s get into it Warp drive also has other names such as Alcubierre drive, Alcubierre warp drive, or Alcubierre metric is the idea to move to other planets, stars, or galaxies with more speed than light. It seems impossible some back years as #Elon #elonmusk effort to send people on Mars, and #NASA ‘s plan to send astronauts on mars was under process, but now this is possible as warp drives minimize the distance.

After breaking the barrier of sound wave speed, the next target of great minds was to break the barrier of light speed. Now, this speculation is reality by the invention of warp drive as this is based on a wave, where those waves change or transverse the fabric of space, contracting the spaces in the front direction and expanding spacetime at the back. The ship will move inside a warped bubble region, and it pulls the region towards itself due to drive action.

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  1. Idea for a video,discuss please, what happens to are planet as the the overall mass decreases,from sending millions of tonnes of spaceships,satelites,ect.into space.Would decreasing the mass,however small,increase the speed the earth is going,gravity,and cause global warming?,just bored,was wondering your thoughts

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