James Webb Space Telescope 14 Oumuamua & Space Images! – YouTube

James Webb Space Telescope 14 Oumuamua & Space Images!


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  • Published On: 2022-04-05 23:02:27
  • Video Published/Author: Future Vision
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James Webb Space Telescope 14 NEW Images!
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  1. Are these genuine images from James Webb? There are many channels with images not from James Webb telescope to cheat people. Stop cheating people. Thumb down!!! There is a channel called Mars Mission 2021 that posted all the fake images from hubble claiming to be James Webb I reported it and now they are taken down. Going to do the same to this channel

  2. These were all very nice but not nearly the caliber of product we’ve been expecting from the JWST. In fact I think I’ve seen better from HST, and being a support engineer on HST, I’m quite proud that the HST could capture that level of detail. 73s Tom KC3QAC

  3. Why do you pan and zoom the still pictures? That's so irritating. You describe where to look with the captions, but the captions cover the pictures too- so where to look?
    Please decrease the font and show the stills? 14 images that are not viewable. Sorry for the thumb down- yes that was me.

  4. A description but not an explanation.
    Galaxies are seen to be arranged like pinwheels on a string.
    The string is the Birkland current that feeds and controls the shape and behaviour of the galaxies.
    If the Birkland current turns off (Or becomes significantly weaker), the galaxy that it feeds becomes disorganized and diffuse.

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