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James Webb Space Telescope vs Hubble : How Will Their Images Compare?


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They say that the JWST is poised to become the most powerful telescope in space. But the
question out there is that how will its photos compare to Hubble’s?
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  1. JWST is not serviceable in the way, people can just work at it as it was possible with Hubble Telescope because much closer to earth first time was because misaligned mirrors due to faulty polishing of the mirrors so pictures were very bad so luckily astronauts with the spaceshuttle could repair it.

    Now he is 30 Years old. Didn't know so old already and just now a new one, although different working with mostly infrared light.

    But my question. How long will it be usable if nothing can be fixed and systems will ultimately fail at some point. And is there hope that maybe at that point we can send a robot to it that from earth people can repair it?

  2. One thing I find very confusing is when Scientists or Journalists talk about the Universe as if it is a limited area of space and time. The word Universe is an all encompassing expression or term. I don't see how it can be confined to 13 Billion years of time or so many light years of space. I'm confused because they talk about the beginning of the Universe. The Universe is Universal, not confined to a limited area of space or time. Universe is forever and wherever and by definition cannot be limited. Science must come up with a more specific word to describe what they are now classifying as a limited area of space and time.

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