James Webb Telescope Just Released NEW images that THRILLED the scientist's mind – YouTube

James Webb Telescope Just Released NEW images that THRILLED the scientist's mind


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  • Published On: 2022-03-18 19:48:46
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James Webb Telescope Just Released NEW images that THRILLED the scientist’s mind
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NASA just hit another big milestone with James Webb. Its $10 billion machine has successfully completed two further steps to align the mirrors. Notably, the resulting performance indicates that Webb will meet or exceed its design goals.
How important is this?
And what’s next for Webb?
All this and more in today’s episode of Great SpaceX!

NASA officials revealed in a news conference held virtually on Wednesday that the James Webb Space Telescope’s main mirror is fully aligned and performing even better than it had been designed to do.
The 21.3-foot-wide mirror composed of 18 hexagonal segments had to travel to space folded. Aligning it into one smooth reflecting surface was one of the main tasks that the Webb control team has had to tackle since the giant telescope’s launch on Dec. 25.
But now, difficulties have been left behind!
The alignment process, which involved fine-tuning the positions and inclinations of the 18 segments with nanometer-scale precision, has now been completed.
And although that process is not yet complete, the $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope mission — the most complex and most expensive such observatory ever launched — is already producing images that take the scientists’ breath away.
James Webb Telescope Just Released NEW images that THRILLED the scientist’s mind
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  1. And why did none of the designers think of edge diffraction artifacts, that now decorate each image with a 6 star pattern? This could have easily been avoided if the hexagonals were chosen with slowly vaying size, just as in the M.C. Escher drawings. And why is the emphasis not on new images as highlighted in the title but on interviews, computer simulations and year old stories?

  2. now its' our turn to start finding signs of life with that telescope it'll be really incredible accomplishment for us. I know where not alone, I know we're always being watched, just stuff don't add up when there's billions beyond billions of galaxies and planets all uninhabitable or unstable like there has to be a form of human like creature thinking the same thing right about now in his galaxy. like you know shits a trip to think about.

  3. I've only got to 1.02, and I can already see that there is Sacred Geometry written all over it, eg the mirror consisting of 18 individual, hexagonal mirrors. Nikola Tesla would be pleased methinks! Fascinating stuff for sure.

  4. WOW $10 Billion Dollars to take another picture of a Star ⭐️….. Thats like Building 10 Hospitals, 20 Schools , Free health care for the poor. 40,000 Homes for the Homeless. fresh Clean water for Villagers in Africa… free Operations for Sick Children… The list is endless…. Fu*king Disgusting 🤢 waste of Money 💴…

  5. In a country with abounding homelessness and poverty, this is a great waste of resources. It serves a few researchers who will never be able to monetize its research so that the cast aside people can eat inside of a shelter. The majority of the people in this country will never benefit from this boondoggle. Mankind doesn't have sustainable food, clean water or energy nor shelter! Which should be the priority, rather than pissing away what resources are available! All so a few can say "Oh look at that, how interesting!"

  6. Really can't wait to see what else Webb captures.
    I do have a question that maybe someone can answer…..with the telescope being this strong, can it penetrate the Milky Ways dust so we can image the otherside or would that be too close for its power? Or is the dust too thick in the galaxy?

  7. Awesome! So alignment was for the purpose of getting the whole mirror in the rigth shape because it was folded when launched because of its size right? Or will they actually realign it again when looking at certain objects? All the gizmos that align the mirrors wont be used again? Or will they?

  8. This bring tears toy eyes. I 47, I remember falling in love with space at 13. The excitement when Hubble showed the beautiful image and now James Webb is going to answer many questions amd bring new ones. I am happy to be alive to see that.

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