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James Webb Telescope May Have Found Planet 9!


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The James Webb Telescope has the potential to outshine all of Hubble’s incredible discoveries. And now It is all set to offer insight into one of astronomy’s most perplexing mysteries right now, The enigmatic Planet 9. Nasa and its revolutionary telescope are all set to unleash another mystery to mankind. The new James Webb Space Telescope from NASA has garnered a lot of interest in people. The probe is projected to be the next-generation Hubble. In reality, it will be roughly 100 times more powerful than the famed telescope in terms of imaging. The JWST will look further into the cosmos than any previous observatory. In our cosmos, more than 4,800 exoplanets have been identified to date. And now with the monstrous power of JWST, the number is gonna increase very fast.
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  1. They're not even sure the planet exists which means they couldn't possibly know much about it. Seems more like they're trying to turn speculation into reality. Like me trying to explain a ghost, right after I just told you I wasn't sure if the ghost actually exists.

  2. There are an estimated 300 million livable planets in the Milky Way….aside from our own, name 1? Not a huge fan of estimates with only 1 comparable example (OURS) as compared to current discovered planets in the Universe.

  3. The universe is with this human! The age of time for the universe and the age of man in the universe! Observe what falls into the universe! The wide! How much can we learn from what we watch with a space telescope? Space is broader than managing its contents.. From science, from the universe, we learn a lot.. Thank you.

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