James Webb Telescope Terrifying Alien Civilization Discovery on Proxima b – YouTube

James Webb Telescope Terrifying Alien Civilization Discovery on Proxima b


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The James Webb Space Telescope is shaping up to be one of the most significant breakthroughs for humankind regarding space observation! Being far more powerful than all other space telescopes ever launched by humans, the scientific community has high hopes! It will enable them to study very distant objects in space as they have never been able to. One of the objects the JWST will study is Proxima b to see whether artificial lights are coming from the planet! Yes, you heard right! Scientists want to know if the lights coming from Proxima b are due to aliens! What will the JWST see when it focuses on the exoplanet, and how does it affect you? Join us as we dive into the James Webb artificial lights discovery on Proxima b that changes everything!


  1. This is a stretch because if any intelligent life developed on the dark side of the planet they would have evolved without having the need to use artificial light. Using an artificial light source to them would probably be deadly.

  2. If the planet is 4 light years away, then the image captured is using light from 4 years ago. That means they will be 4 years more advanced than what we can see because of the delay in light transmission.

  3. Okay so they spent 10 billion dollars on a telescope.. if we dont find life with this thing we’ve failed as a species. That makes no sense how much money went into this thing just to study freakin rocks and gas planets and their distance….

  4. Great video about JWST… but if you're interested in the topic in the title, you can skip to 8:38 …. and even then, it's pure speculation about whether any discovery is even possible, not a report of an actual discovery.

  5. I'm glad the building blocks to YouTube is all about circulating any given information at a seconds notice to any person in the world digitally. But if an alien civilization were present on Proxima B……

    Wouldn't that Planets life, basing off of no day and night cycle, mathematically evolve in such a paranormal biological way, that "Time" doesn't calibrate the same way as we do by minutes and days.

    That would destroy our world. Because the world runs off of the human perception of Time.

  6. Remember they did a disclosure while trump was in office him bides Putin Wec xing pi all in playing good cop vs bad cop nato USA Russia and China have a database for COVID if there not on the same side why do they all have a database

  7. its interesting to read peoples understanding of alien life, in my opinion we wouldnt be able to fully comprehend an aliens evolution or way of life at first. We could hyper generalize their evolution but it would be complex and foreign to our knowledge. Very exciting though!

  8. Wow what if there were something more dangerous then aliens on the proxima B? What if they had the power to stop time it’s self? Or if they are from somewhere else and they are just visiting? Hmm.. Now for me, that’s a real mystery.

  9. If life developed on Promixa B it would have evolved to adapt to its environment, so life that developed on the dark side would have no need for artificial light much like how deep sea creatures here on Earth don't require any light. If they did they would probably have developed some form of bio-luminance to attract prey or for mating.

    If life developed on Promixa B it would probably be in the area where its not completely bright and not completely dark.

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