James Webb Telescope's just SHOCKED by Hubble's new images…but Webb's even CRAZIER – YouTube

James Webb Telescope's just SHOCKED by Hubble's new images...but Webb's even CRAZIER


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James Webb Telescope’s just SHOCKED by Hubble’s new images…but Webb’s even CRAZIER
James Webb continues to strongly dazzle as it completed stage six of its seven-step set-up process ahead of schedule.
Well, only one step left and we will see the first sharp images of million-year-old galaxies in space!
It’s really worth waiting for!!!
Besides that, Webb’s predecessor – the Hubble – is still making record-setting discoveries.
The aging space telescope capturing an exceedingly old star—the oldest, indeed, that’s ever been detected!
It seems we were right to invest billions of dollars in these machines!
Now, what more can we expect from them?
Let’s find out the answer in today’s Great SpaceX episode!

The commissioning stages of the James Webb Space Telescope just ticked off yet another phase.
According to NASA reported on April 1, Engineers have successfully aligned all but one of the instruments on the $10 billion space telescope for the first time as Webb continues to cool to deep-space temperatures after launching on Dec. 25, 2021.
The agency also revealed in this post that the operations team here on Earth is calling it a day as far as the sixth stage of Webb’s commissioning process goes.
Now, they are ready to move on to the seventh and final step of getting the telescope ready for science — once the instruments cool to their operating temperatures, that is.
The announcement puts Webb slightly ahead of schedule — Ball Aerospace scientist and Webb team member Chanda Walker said in a statement that the efficiency came as a pleasant surprise.
“As a general rule, the commissioning process starts with coarse corrections and then moves into fine corrections. The early secondary mirror coarse corrections, however, were so successful that the fine corrections in the first iteration of Phase Six were unnecessary.”
Well, that would be the Mid-Infrared Instrument or MIRI, the final instrument to be aligned. MIRI needs to cool to a chilling minus 447 degrees Fahrenheit (7 Kelvin) for normal operations. That process will take weeks, even in the cold dark of space.
When MIRI cools down, the telescope will enter its seventh commissioning stage, the final milestone before the instruments come fully online.
The Webb team will make the “final mirror alignment adjustments to ensure all 4 instruments are aligned.

James Webb Telescope’s just SHOCKED by Hubble’s new images…but Webb’s even CRAZIER
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    there doesn't need to be an intro of a girl or a guy. there doesnt need to be any intro other than from the primary voice himself. the primary voice, content he goes over, and the video editing that coincides with the content given by the primary voice is all this channel needs to thrive. the intros are just taking away from the rest of the content.

  2. All this points us to what Christians call "Eternity Past." Now is the time to set our sights on "Eternity Future." And forget the churches. None obey the Commandments of GOD. Just know that moral reformation will never come in "this present world."

  3. Webb telescope is useless, to us regular peons. We won’t ever see anything on other planets, anything that depicts other civilizations or anything else amazing will be covered up, lied about and just tell us dumb shit like “ice crystals”.. Fk nasa until they stop being complete liars. And I hate to be like that, but there are enough whistleblowers that have left nasa that have said they do nothing but lie to the public and edit out images.

  4. We were not right investing Billions of Dollars 💵 into this because we can never hope to reach what your actually taking Pictures of, This will not benefit us in anyway. But Billions of dollars would change the lives of Homeless people and the very Poor living on the poverty Line … Billions of Dollars could have been better invested in medical research to find ways of beating life threatening Conditions to Children and Adults. billions of Dollars could have been better Invested in Making Sure people had enough to eat, I can also give you Hundreds of other reasons as to why This Project is a Complete waste of Money….You sit and watch the Stars , While others watch Children Die ……. Enjoy taking your Pictures …

  5. I am not trying to burst any bubble but the fact remains They spend billions of dollars building this telescope to see into space don't you think that money could have been used on Earth for global warming global climate what would be more use for saving Humanity on Earth or just looking out to the Stars once Humanity completely gone because of global climate there will be nobody around to look up to the Stars no more truly all use out there what you truly believe looking up to the Stars see what happened from The Big Bang or the saving of this planet from global warming global climate I guess it's more important look it up in space that's going to do anything for us but if that money was invested for global warming global climate we can make a big difference on this world me personally looking up into space is not going to do anything for any of us when there's no more humans on this Earth nobody will be able to look up and see anything in space anymore think about it

  6. There is no such thing as a black holes, no big bang, no snowball comets ,no oort cloud ! The only difference between asteroids and comets is orbit and electric charge , they are all material that was electrically excavated from planets and moons in our solar system !
    See the thunderbolts project for non propagantic real science ! You know instead of trying to save debunked fairtale belief non science theories and wasteing billion if dollars !

  7. Spending 10 billion dollars was a great gift to the corporations who put this scam together! Now all we hear is the hype but no proof it works. This is a great idea for any failed protect: Just fire it into space and call it a space telescope and get 10 billion dollars for your failure. What a great country! No wonder Cern's LHC was built in Europe. At least most of the money went for science rather than bribes.

  8. Spacetime and gravitational waves do not exist :-). Will the James Webb Telescope view the birth of the first galaxies? Nope, the universe goes on to infinity. Neither time nor mass can create itself into nothing, reside in nothing or expand into nothing simply because nothing has no properties. Time and space are independent of each other, not material bodies or fantasy unions that magically stretch time like a rubber band into space-time dimensions. If black holes reside is a region of Einstein's theorized space-time where gravity and mass are so dense that nothing, neither mass-particles nor electromagnetic radiation such as light can escape then how could it be possible for the entire mass of our universe to escape the unimaginable density of the proposed Big Bang? According to general relativity sufficient compact mass-density will deform space-time to form a black hole which obviously debunks both Big Bang theory and relativity! Spiral centrifugal-centripetal vortex velocities of black holes, galaxies and solar systems are basically plasma driven electromagnetic field generators creating dynamo convective motion.

    Big Bang theorists rely on red shift to support the hypothesis that the universe is expanding, the very process that's easily debunked. Light like all electromagnetic radiation and electricity is the result of moving electrons, as moving electrons of charged electromagnetic waves-light travel through the plasma of the universe each lump (or "quanta") of energy in the electromagnetic waves are charged then discharged to the next lump, eventually the energy dissipates creating the appearance of time dilation – the appearance of longer wavelengths in red shift much like sound waves. When light passes through a medium like a boat in the ocean or an airplane in our atmosphere, they slowdown from the resistance they encounter duh.

    Neither time, energy nor mass can create itself into nothing, reside in nothing or expand into nothing simply because nothing has no properties. Time and space are independent of each other, not material bodies or fantasy unions that magically stretch time like a rubber band into space-time dimensions. The James Webb Space Telescope is not a time machine, it’s delusional to believe you can travel back in time to view the beginning of the universe with telescopes that were made in the future :-). Big Bang theory is like trying to force the number 1 into 0. If gravity is the result of mass, then before the universe came into being gravity couldn't have existed simply because mass was not yet created!

    Galaxies with massive gravity from the early Big Bang would have been gravitationally bound like the Andromeda galaxy is to the Milky Way galaxy, the sun, moon and planets in all solar systems in the universe yet these early galaxies were able to somehow escape these massive gravitational forces continuing to expand at an increasingly faster rate. Into what, nothing? Nothing has no properties! Neither the atom, universe nor time can be created or destroyed. Albert Einstein an autistic violinist patent clerk that had access to more papers than Suzanne Somers litter box yet creates theories with more bugs than Terminix. God Is energy-the universe and has always been here. "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End" Revelation 22:13.

    What do you get when you mix Einstein's gravitational waves with time dilation? A universe of chaos where time and gravity fluctuate with waves, planets in solar systems are thrown off course in a collision course towards their sun. The speed of light is determined by how fast it travels through what Tesla called the ether-space. Time and space are not material bodies or fantasy unions that can magically create force upon another, yet Einstein joined them together with all the fundamental forces of the universe stretching time and space like a rubber band then using the speed of light to measure the age of the universe. Time and space are independent of each other, debunking Big Bang-evolution and the age of the universe.

    According to general relativity ie gravitational lensing (a warped field of vision in telescopes) is due to (mass) between a distant light source and the observer. If that were true earths huge mass would distort the light of the observer as well making telescopes unusable. So only other planets in the universe are affected by gravitational waves? In 1916 before it was known that man could travel in space Albert Einstein based his gravitational wave theory on relativity. In 2021 most of us realize if gravitational waves existed in space astronauts would be crushed like an underwater diver traveling to the bottom of the sea.

    Einstein's disciples defend relativity by saying gravity is a weak force, yeah so weak it effects planets and galaxies just not astronauts or droplets of water in space? The concept of gravitational lensing is wrongly conflated with mass-gravity. Gravitational lensing occurs in all wavelengths of light. As moving electrons-light approach a bend-curve centrifugal forces slow them down. This slowing down of electrons would account for the appearance of black holes, longer wavelengths in red shift and the supposed curvature of spacetime, what I refer to as centrifugal deceleration of electrons.

    Plasma Birkeland currents of galaxies also increase wavelength from the photoelectric effect. If space was curved-warped according to Albert Einstein's curved-warped gravity theory, like a boat in the ocean these same gravity waves would effect time and the perfect balance in solar system orbital mechanics throwing planets off course-out of orbit in a collision course towards the sun where a planets gravity and time would increase and decrease with different velocity rates as they ascend and descend the curves of gravity waves. Using optical clocks and lasers to prove Einstein's time dilation-space-time curvature is like using a metal detector to find gold at Fort Knox. The closer you are to the electromagnetic fields, mass and gravity of the earth the more light bends aka gravitational lensing duh.

    So according to Einstein's gravity wave theory the curved warped space of the universe with no gravity traveling through a non-curved warped space medium with no properties creates a falling effect of gravity against an already curved warped space universe with no gravity, where gravity is created from gravity and 1+1=3. Big Bang disciples, please explain how a universe can create itself in nothing, reside in nothing then expand into nothing? Nothing has no properties in which to hold or expand time, energy and matter. Ignorance is not knowing and doing, stupidity is knowing and doing anyway. The speed of light can be slowed from 186,000 miles per second down to 38 mph by shooting a laser through extremely cold sodium atoms acting as “optical molasses” If the universe were (suddenly destroyed) collapsed or fell into a black hole do you honestly think slowing down the speed of light with sodium atoms would save the earth from being destroyed, welcome to reality Trekkies.

    Electrons move at a very slow constant terminal drift velocity rate of only 0.0028 inches per second. If you calculate time t = 0 seconds with the known 32.2 ft per second speed of gravity after one second of travel you can determine the speed of gravity is equal to the speed of the electron and the universe hasn't aged from a multidimensional perspective. Without a pressure density against all mass gravity cannot exist in an expanding universe, debunking both Einstein's time dilation and Big Bang theory. Time and gravity run inwardly, outwardly, in all directions in the same time frame, similar to the electromagnetic field having no beginning and no end.

    The further light travels through what Tesla called the ether-space, the more it slows down. This mirror experiment in Einstein's time dilation illustrates two things. (1) When light passes through a medium like electrons, a boat in the ocean or an airplane in our atmosphere they slowdown from the resistance they encounter. (2) The power of suggestion to make people believe that light is a Time Machine. Time and space are independent of each other, debunking Big Bang-evolution and the age of the universe. Using a wired telephone landline across the universe there would be no time delay in communications, debunking evolution, time, space & big bang theory. Einstein's time dilation and gravity wave theory is just what you would expect from an autistic, using water to make water, turning his faucets on and watching as it runs down the drain. Albert Einstein, a violinist patent clerk that had access to more papers than Suzanne Somers litter box yet creates theories with more bugs than Terminix. Magnetron The Scientific Evidence Against the Big Bang

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