Jeff Bezos Just WARNS That Hobeybee Robotics Can SECRETLY Make EVERY Robot! – YouTube

Jeff Bezos Just WARNS That Hobeybee Robotics Can SECRETLY Make EVERY Robot!


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Jeff Bezos Just Warns That Hobeybee Robotics Can Secretly Make Every Robot!

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the sub-orbital spaceflight company founded by Jeff Bezos, is acquiring Honeybee Robotics for an undisclosed amount. The robotics company makes next-generation applications a reality by combining the brightest minds with the best #Technology through creative, collaborative innovation.

Founded in 1983, Honeybee has delivered more than 1,000 advanced projects to customers in spacecraft, planetary exploration, defense robotics, medical devices, mining, oil and gas, and utility infrastructure sectors.

It built the rock abrasion tools for NASA’s Opportunity and Spirit rovers on Mars, and the drills for the Curiosity and Perseverance rovers. Its innovative, reliable, and literally groundbreaking robotic systems operate throughout space: in commercial launch vehicles and satellites and doing innovative work on the Moon, Mars, and Titan. Their first offices were above a piano shop on New York City’s Lower East Side.

#Robotic arms, #Robot end-effectors, and clever task-oriented electromechanical systems were among the early projects the company has worked on for firms like IBM, Allied Signal, The Salk Institute, Merck, 3M, and Con Edison. Honeybee’s extensive experience in planetary robotics and mechanisms, drills, motors, actuators, drive electronics, and specialized space mechanisms are complementary to Blue Origin’s system capability’s goal of making space flight routine, and vision of opening space resources to benefit Earth.

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