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Johnny v Amber - Does The New "EVIDENCE" Add Up?


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  1. So I have to believe that she witnessed JD smashing a phone to bits and graphically described this yet no mention of blood spraying EVERYWHERE as it pissed out of his finger?!?!? Really?
    Computer says NO!

  2. I would just like to say it’s doesn’t matter who you date if your an abuser that doesn’t just go away. Therefore personal relationships Johnny has been in has never made any allegations of him being abusive towards them. But a total sweetheart. It is true that people can be toxic for another people. I believe Amber is toxic for him and pushed him to a point of self defense when she was attacking him. Johnny doesn’t deserve to put through this when she clearly is the aggressor in the situation and if you can’t see that after all the audio we’ve heard you’re just idiotic. He has even said he isn’t perfect and made mistakes throughout their relationship but he is claiming that he never put his hands on her and I honestly believe him.

  3. Amber has written "carly Simon" quote because Marilyn Manson remade that song, and Johnny Depp did guitar on it. I think Johnny was playing that song during their fight or something– or MM came up during their fight. And where are these other walls he supposedly wrote on?

  4. Hey guys…..

    At min. 28:35 looks like Amber took black ink, smeared it on her hands and left at least one good hand print (left hand) to cover her scribbeling!!!

    The "all" from call is covered by her middle and ring finger print.

    I would measure both of their hands and compare it to the print left. That would at least open up another can of worms to another lie of hers ant to why she felt the need to cover this especially!

  5. Imagine he's running around with his fingertip missing bleeding and frankly having a nervous breakdown but instead of calling and ambulance she's scribbling messages on the mirror because he hurt her ego…

    Oh and the sunflower picture was from Ben King I think because he testified to take pictures of flower arrangements , tablescapes etc. because of his job. And I think they just chose it to oriented the jury.

  6. She didn't watch Bruce Robinson's film Withnail and I which is a cult classic and one of the most quotable movies of all time, a British journalist asked her about the film, if she has seen it of course she's says, "oh yeah of course" then he asked her what's your favorite quote, she says oh all of them!!!!

  7. She said she was painting a portrait of Lily Rose with her tits out, for Johnny? Even though it's BS, the thought still crossed her mind, of her giving him a portrait of his daughter with her breasts exposed! Lily Rose didn't even go to the wedding because she hated Amber so there's no way she'd strip off and pose for Amber. If Amber just created this from her own imagination that's disturbing. But if she came up with this that's also disturbing, either way it's disturbing. Saying this was Lily Rose painted by her is meant to send shivers down Lily Rose's spine, since she's sexually attracted to women this claim might be considered as a violation, the sexual connotation seems intended for her, knowing full well how much Lily Rose disliked her this is creepy. I'm repeating myself I'm shocked. This might be an indication of something in her nature (from her upbringing) that is really effed up. And not uncommon with narcissistic women and mothers, according to victims of narcissistic abuse. Another example of a narcissist crossing boundaries.

  8. I get paint on my underwear – haven't figured that out yet. The photo that Les lightened of the studio- why is the mess/damage only to the protective floor covering near the canvases – not anywhere else… the checkered rug and the oriental rug seem to be free of any debris.

  9. It says “She loves naked photos of herself” as in “she’s so vain”. She sees it and writes in her lipstick in reply “Call Carley Simon she said it better babe”. That’s how I think it went. She had to get the last word. That’s not something someone who was just “brutally” traumatized would think to do. That’s why she denied it.

  10. I can’t remember the site (Incredibly Average?) brought to attention about the red writing lipstick on the mirror that the bathing suit hanging up behind and also the shower wand actually changed position from one photo to another. There is a second photo of the red lipstick you can see has been gone over again because the writing is thicker.

  11. His graffiti was accusing her of only loving herself, so I think she was insulting his tortured work of self-expression while indicating to him she got the message. And the "mom" at the end of Simon was like taunting to go tell Mom.

  12. The Turd said, she didn't want to go in the house when she arrived in Australia, as she was afraid. In the next instant, she said she was excited to see Johnny….which is it?
    She said the chef prepared dinner, then she said she had taken out the meat that Johnny cut up and wrapped it in her nightgown……which is it?
    She said she barricaded the door and slept for 12 hours, so how did JD get in the room to write in lipstick?
    no bloody footprints, no cuts, bruises, scars etc after so brutally beaten.
    5 different versions of how his finger was cut off UK trial and US trial………..and the list goes on

  13. It happened around 11:00. i believe based on his tweet to Kipper. Malcom arrived around 12:1512:30. I think he was going room to room looking for her for help but also continuing an argument and she was avoiding him because she realized what she had done. Malcom said he heard arguing when he arrived. She had no intention of getting him help. She was paniced how this was going to play out and affect her. There was plenty of time before Security arrived for him to do this damage.

  14. Still don't think he dropped the ball with dr. Hughes. He went in, got some big moments and then just collected ammo for dr. Curry. After all, they're going to call her again so why not leave the expert dismantling to the expert? Also, you have to consider she came across extremely bad to most people (so probably the jury as well) so why waste his and JD's time on her?

  15. If that bottle was broken as it went in , don’t care wat state she was in , she would feel immediately, and remeber she said he did it over n over again which is bullshit not only would her pussy be destroyed but there would b soooo much blood left and she would probably be in a fatal condition n in need a major surgery and another thing she says that she bleed , well where is the blood ? Coz the way she described there should b blood everywhere, but there is something else to concider , either way she’s completely fukn in doin all this but …. Before she got to that last bit about the bottle well the end of telling it , she said twice “ I don’t want to do this” could that possibly imply that’s shes being forced in some way donno how , but on one of the recs she did say “ that her hand was being forces to do this (by a third party or something) and then bringing it back to one of my previous comments that in one of the moments on the stand it looked she was adjusting an ear piece which bring me to , that when she says “ I don’t wanna do this that she’s actually talking to whoever is on the other end of that ear piece , its just a theroy and it is abit strange that she said that , or it’s all part of her act to convince the jury i donno x

  16. Ok I have another theory to these photos , Okk she’s swears she locked herself in the room all night Okk , but it looks she wrote the red , well don’t u think it’s pretty obvious that whoever was truely in there would have written the longest on there and my point is it couldn’t of been her becoz the black written implies that whoever wrote was clearly talking about a “she” and I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be writing bad stuff about herself oh and it looks like there’s only one msg that’s her so my point is that it really was Johnny locked in the bathroom not her if that all makes sense x

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