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Russian President Vladimir Putin has directed his government and armed forces towards the development and research of AI weaponry. He made his thoughts clear in a speech to students, which was reported by major media outlets. Upon reading the news, Elon Musk ominously tweeted “It begins” before explaining how he believes that the race for AI will lead to the Third World War, if not outright cause it by itself. His claim has merit as he is not the only expert voicing concern at the rising development and research of artificial intelligence-guided weapons. However, major world powers are banking hard on AI development for military purposes and the race will not stop despite protests. We are already seeing initial deployment and use in the form of unmanned ground vehicles and AI-guided missiles.


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  1. I think all of this on man automation what will happen now get out in the battlefield and each one will have a weapon to take over each other’s signals and they’ll start turning the androids on each other

  2. Every country should be shame off spoilling and damageing or saying stright ending the world 🌎. Every country going to prove to who is strong non of them are not straying for betterment of enviornmently well of world, Every country failed to do so they are ready to put an end to world.

  3. I told you in 1998 on satellite radio over 48 states Nationwide: in order to remain a superpower we must think ahead and put hydrogen fuel pumps clear across the United States of America for the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, to go totally 💚 GREEN NO Pollution
    OR you need a high-tech non pollution refinery a refinery like this puts out thousands of times the volume with no waste for pennies on the dollar when it comes to petroleum fuel and oil there is not a bureaucracy that runs this it can run on its own this will keep gasoline down to 99 cents a gallon I warned you of the first gas crisis and how high the gas was going to go and I told you about the second gas crisis we're in right now where it will go to $10 a gallon and maybe over I told you in 1998 to stock up on gasoline immediately by huge gas tanks like they do on farms fill up and buy gasoline like the gas station buys gas ⛽ but it would be better for the United States of America to get out of oil and petroleum and go with hydrogen fuel no one wants a battery in the world and they dump the battery all over the world because the battery factories put out way too much pollution to dispose of batteries put out way too much dangerous pollution no one wants a high electrical bill to charge a battery that doesn't do much and it can be as high as gasolineno one wants to pollution from the electrical plants due to fossil fuels cuz they're going to have to put out way more electricity when you got over 300 million cars driving on the road now let's take the world wide figure that's way over 300 million hydrogen fuel is over abundance we can pull it out of thin air like it's nothing it'll always stay cheap it's a more powerful and reliable fuel with no pollution so are the engines that are fueled by hydrogen fuel more powerful and more reliable you can fill up with hydrogen fuel in 2 minutes and it lasts for weeks like 200 miles to the gallon

  4. Elon Musk is a very intelligent person. Countries have advanced greatly in technology. You would think they could solve human relation problems without war. Lethal weapons like nuclear can destroy our land for use and cause cancer to millions of people. This is self destruction for all humans and it is insane. Any country or leader who seeks power and wealth at the expense of destroying themselves and humanity are insane. We have seen how the virus pandemic caused so much death throughout the world. It came back to haunt those involved. Unity and trade with countries are the paths to freedom, prosperity and peace for our world. I pray that all countries will unify to end wars and create a better world for all humans.

  5. Stupidest thing USA has done: 1) gave China it's Computor chip technology and production. 2) gave all countries Solar production technology and Production 3) gave away all steel production. We now are at total submission level to them.

  6. Imagine if you will that you wanted to take over a country that is in direct competition  with your own country. First thing you would do is hire a traitor from that country who is already embedded in the higher echelons of that countries' government, Pay to subvert that countries' election system and put your traitor into the top position.  What if that country had secure borders which make it very hard to bring in your subversive terrorists and government implants to wreak havoc? Buy up some more traitors and pay to get them elected into positions of power as well.  First thing you would have  your traitor do is destroy that countries' secure border at its weakest point. What would you do next? Well, what is that countries' main source of stability to its currency? If it was say, petroleum, your next move would be to destroy their petroleum industry. What if that country had a strong manufacturing base, and the amount of people working made the country still economically strong. You would create a pandemic and shut down those industries, and drive the small businesses of that country out of business. What if that country held military assets and had a strategic airfield you wanted control of? You would have your traitor withdraw all the military personnel from that country, and leave all the armament and the airfield behind. What if the social media platforms in that  country were too close to the truth on what is going on and you are afraid the people will find out what you have been doing? Have your traitor authorize censorship of people who post on social media platforms unless they post a narrative that is advantageous to your position/takeover. What if that country's news media was broadcasting information you didn't want to get out to the public and expose what you are doing? Shut down, discredit, or censor their news media platforms unless they are broadcasting information that detracts from the truth or is advantageous to your takeover. Sound familiar so far?….

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