Launch! Boeing Starliner On Pad For Launch After Months Of Delay + Rocket Lab Booster Catch – YouTube

Launch! Boeing Starliner On Pad For Launch After Months Of Delay + Rocket Lab Booster Catch


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Boeing’s Starliner capsule is finally ready to reattempt a key test launch to the International Space Station on May 19, officials said Tuesday.
The uncrewed flight, named OFT-2, is a vital step towards certifying the spaceship for eventually carrying passengers, giving NASA a second taxi provider alongside SpaceX.

Rocket Lab finally launched its Electron rocket from Pad A at Launch Complex 1 on New Zealand’s Mahia Peninsula on May 3 for its one-of-a-kind mission. The rocket lifted off at 4:19 am IST under the mission named ‘There and Back Again’ to deliver 34 satellites to a sun-synchronous orbit for a number of private customers.


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  1. Those delays or technical glitches weren't actually eather of those, they were actually Boeing's planned upper echelon management's bonus checks enhancements. A quick show of hands to show of those who actually think that this next planned attempt will actually go as planned. Got some uber super duper yachts getting ready to go to auction, there could possibly be a slight need for extra $$$$ in a certain board room.

  2. Standing ready to launch after December 2019 failure. I'm not optimistic about 2nd launch except Boeing will need $Billions more. I worry about the safety of space station due to another software failure.

  3. I heard the pilot experienced substantially higher loads than seen in the test catches. He released the rocket due to an abundance of caution. They did achieve their goals in the capture test.

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