President Of SpaceX (Gwynne Shotwell) on Elon Musk #shorts – YouTube

President Of SpaceX (Gwynne Shotwell) on Elon Musk #shorts


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  • Published On: 2022-04-25 21:30:33
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Full TED interview here:

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  1. Gets me thinking on how to do meetings the right way.
    Giving people a “small break” to internalise the question and giving a well thought out response is incredible! Oh yes and it’s promotes active listening.

  2. What an insightful woman. Instead of complaining, Elon is impossible to please, she figured him out. The more she spoke, the more beautiful she seemed. Kudos Gwynne

  3. 我々 ITグループ(地球外知的生命体)内は高速で運転しています💖イーロンマスクは地球外知的生命体の説明しています💖地球人の行動配置を再計算して実行しています💖何故ならば地球人は

  4. Hmmmm…typical woman…immediately her thoughts go to striking down ideas of men as impossible…And honestly shes lying, only reason she changed her mind is because she realized her bank account wld suffer if she spoke her mind, so yeah in a way shes a smart woman who knows to keep her mouth shut for her benefit

  5. Way back in the day I had a math teacher who told our class, (paraphrasing) "Math and real life are very similar in that nothing is impossible only improbable. If you want to be successful you will look at your problems as equations, understand your known and unknown variables, then find the solution. You might only find parts of solutions and that's OK, statistics and experiences will help you to infer and solve for your unknowns, but only if you keep trying will you have success, when you've stopped trying you've already failed."

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