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Rocket Lab’s Most Recent Crucial Acquisition Of SolAero Holdings


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Rocket Lab has continued to make impressive progress through launching Electron and more. As the company works towards even more ambitious ideas including catching Electron’s booster and developing Neutron, they also have been acquiring different companies. This has been a common theme of Rocket Lab over the last few years and just recently they did it again.

Just recently Rocket Lab acquired SolAero Holdings, Inc, a company that develops and manufactures space solar power products. This is meant to become another asset to Rocket Lab in the long run. Here SolAero gets access to Rocket Lab’s extensive resources and Rocket Lab gets access to consistent and high-quality components benefiting each party. All of which are important for the success of both Rocket Lab and SolAero.

This specific acquisition is very interesting for many reasons. As we know Rocket Lab most often launches to low Earth orbit with Electron. However, the company has additional capabilities thanks to third stages such as Photon and more. In addition, they also work with unique payloads and different mission requirements, all of which could benefit from this most recent acquisition.

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1:11 – What Is SolAero?
3:27 – Impact On Rocket Lab


  1. Solaero provides their solar cells to Northrop Grumman. They partnered together on the Lucy mission and JWST mission. I can't confirm it but I'd like to know if they are working together on SSPIDR for the Arachne flight experiment. If you can find confirmation on that I'd appreciate it.

    Good work on the videos.

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