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Rocket Lab’s Newest $143 Million Contract With MDA Space


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It seems each day Rocket Lab announces another big contract, plan, or general progress. Over the past few years and especially recently, the company has managed to grow significantly and continue to innovate and work towards a better future. Following the company’s theme, it was recently awarded a large contract from another company within the space industry.

Yesterday, February 24th, Rocket Lab announced they had signed a $143 million contract with MDA Space. This award is intended to make Rocket Lab lead the design and manufacture of 17 spacecraft buses for Globalstar’s new Low Earth Orbit satellites. This partnership is meant to allow each party involved to prosper with additional resources, opportunities, and more.

Over the past few years, we have seen Rocket Lab expand and work with different companies and agencies. This includes the acquisition of many companies and different contracts awarded from large agencies such as NASA. Its clear Rocket Lab is confident in its capabilities and the benefits that can be provided when working with other parties within the space industry. This most recent contract is just another example of many. Here I will go more in-depth into the background of the different companies involved along with important details about the partnership.

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