Russian expert: Recent achievements help China lead in space exploration – YouTube

Russian expert: Recent achievements help China lead in space exploration


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  • Published On: 2022-04-16 14:24:22
  • Video Published/Author: CGTN
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Ivan Moiseyev, head of the Russian Space Policy Institute, said that China’s successful practice in Mars rover, lunar orbiter and space station would help China lead in space exploration in an interview with CGTN.

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  1. Glad to see that Discover China and Catonpillow are the first commentators yet again on a propaganda video. It’s almost as if the CCP send them the videos so they can comment on them before they go public Notice that their posts ALWAYS are at the top of any article and they never move down! It must be costing CGTN a lot of money to make sure this always happens.
    Check out the timestamps on his postings. They are hours later than other posts but always remain near the top of the posts. CGTN wants their postings to be read before anybody else’s.

  2. Russia – China cooperation is the greatest turning point in history for the world. China can help Russia develop its economy to the full potential, Russia has large land mass and resources. By working together and advancing together, they can make the world a safer place from US and NATO bullies, that has killed a million and resulted in 38 millions refugees in US invasions in middle east. Smaller less powerful countries can stand behind Russia and China, speaks out without fear of being intimidated and regime changed and invaded by US and NATO.

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