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Elon Musk has decided to speak up for an oppressed nation. Musk has had a great relationship with Russia in the past, but it seems he wants to do everything to help support Ukraine. The tech billionaire has warned Russia against attacking Ukraine, a former Soviet State. Join us today as we look at, in detail, Elon Musk’s warning to Russia. We will also be looking to see why he is a big supporter of Ukraine.

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  2. We are a civilization of ‘gremlins’. The Matrix of the "Collective Unconscious" governs the primitive negative consciousnesses of the so-called "normal" people. The Matrix does not know English or any other language, its algorithms reflexively react only to feelings and emotions. Do you realize the whole horror of our situation?

    What to do? Take the red pill and fight! /Yam Esotericist/

  3. Elon Musk is Dreaming. This liitle billion Dollar man can't even fill the gaps and might of an entire super country. The way he overemphasized his stand and address to Russia is great but still its just a statement. Mother Russia is mother Russia its a country armed with super powerful nuke that can contend the world. While elon is flexing his billion with US, mother Russia is kepping eye on Him with a thousands of Hypersonic Warheads that can turn US into ash in a minutes. We all know that US is still far ahead to create thier own 5G, and still in lights years to create its own hypersonic as a country. Haha funny a little human is trying to act like a super hero to contend against a country that is comparable or maybe even greated that his country. Hahaha dream on Elon, dream on west and EU. China, Mother Russia, India, pakistan, SE, Middle East, and Brazil is the best.

  4. Why didn't I hear it from the horses mouth? Because you are a damn liar along with the countless media tools embedded in all environments. You would do well to NOT influence political opinion by quoting out of context.

  5. Oh hail musk…the new lord of lords…may all fall down at your feet!…the man who can help white people because burn in Europe….where is musk when Africa is being killed by Americans and Europeans…musk is south African with a Canadian mother…how interesting how this musk show is not telling that….yes let's continue the propaganda…lol hail musk he loves the world and people only if they white right

  6. Илон Маск, пустышка.. Россия уже несколько лет строит свою станцию совместно с Китаем. А вы не знали?? МКС себя изжил. А Илон Маск вас кормит бесплатным интернетом и гиперлупом.. Верьте дальше

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