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Space DOES NOT Expand Everywhere

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  • Published On: 2022-05-05 01:45:02
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Space is big, and it’s getting bigger. But where does all that new space actually come from? And is it popping into existence all around you right now? Is that why the remote control is always further away than I thought?

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  1. what if dark energy and gravity is the same but if there is a certain amount of positive energy density in the vacuum then the dark energy is changing its properties from having a negative curvature (expansion and acceleration) to having a positive curvature (so called gravity)
    this would mean the dark energy is all around us and is able recombining itself

  2. When you say that the expansion only effects areas close to a gravitational field, how close? It almost sounds as though gravity must be a discrete 'on or off' for this to make sense, would love if you could explain further.

  3. Based on this episode, there will be a tail-off of the gravitational "force" (i.e. Spacetime curvature) with distance from a "bound gravitational system". At some minimum quantity, there must be a transition phase, wherein the larger-scale expansion of spacetime expansion starts to come into play. It would seem that THIS is where we may find answers to the questions of Quantum/Gravity conundrums.

  4. "This [exponential expansion rate of dark energy distribution] will never have any effect inside bound gravitational systems…" Over what time scale? It's certainly possible that all matter will eventually decay and therefore no gravitational systems will exist. Please see this channel's previous episode on Sir Roger Penrose's CCC model:

  5. Doesn anyone know: Is there a paper regarding this specifically? I am writing an article myself and this might be useful.
    Or is it just a given, and supposing otherwise would be misinterpreting the equations?

  6. Spatial Relativity. This expansion of space/time reminds me of Einstein's invoking the Lorentz factor to account for the discrepancies in Newtonian Mechanics at velocities near C, in his theory of Special Relativity. (Hence the pun), Rather than think of Dark Energy as a force, might it be possible to invoke a similar modification to space itself? Perhaps space is defined by mass/energy. In zones where m/e are dense, the dimensions are constrained (just as m/e is defined by one set of equations, whereas in deep space, in the FLRW metric, the nature of space is defined by an analogous factor to the a^2*t^2/c^2 component of Special Relativity. The latter describes velocity, but might there be an analog for relating space as a function of space and gravity?

  7. So…..

    New space is created, where it comes form nobody knows. The universe is expanding, but there is nothing it is expanding into. The expansion is not pulling apart local gravitationally bound areas apart, rather is it apart of the system itself because there is no additional field doing the pulling? Then somehting about infinite divisble plank length …

    BrAiN.exE has stopped working.

    Need a pop-up book written by Robert Munch or something….sheeesh

  8. I was afraid it would just be another Theory! We First need to know what Space is ? ✌️. DARK Matter? Again :. Like a Balloon expanding or, just more available Space ? OR ?
    R ?

  9. This rescaling talk makes me think of Conformal Cyclic Cosmology…. Is it possible for the space to only expand (or a better way of saying that is "become unreferenced" since, it should be able to shrink also) if each "quanta" of space is not entangled with the next? That begs the question: is it possible for light to travel through an area of "unentangled space" and it remain unentangled? I remember something like the entangled space from a online lecture of Leonard Susskind. Obviously I'm an armchair nobody, so… I am wrong, I'm aware of this. I'm at peace with it.

  10. It will be interesting to see if James Webb Telescope will be able to measure just how fast those earlier galaxies are actually moving. If all of this discussion is true, we should be able to see they should be moving a lot slower than most things. We may not get to know this for a long time because Scientists need time to massage their theories.🙁

  11. Is it possible that dark energy is “time” itself? Gravity slows time down does it not? But as the Universe expands over time, gravitational influences move the galaxies apart, thus accelerating time, and thus expanding the Universe?

    Now to solve the question as to where dark matter is originating from. I have a theory that if a black hole was to achieve enough mass, it could break through spacetime and either punch into another reality or create a new one (The Big Bang), and as matter is (devoured) by the black hole it actually siphons matter into the new reality.

    Now I am not a physicist in any way shape or form so asking me to show equations on this is far beyond our reality…..

  12. We are WAAAAAAAAY too primitive and stupid of a species to be making statements like your video title. Anything "experts" come up with about how space works should be for entertainment purposes only. Maybe you can pretend to have a very basic understanding of our local space when we actually become a civilization capable of producing enough energy to leave our planets orbit and return home safely. And even then, we still would need to somehow develop faster than light travel so we could observe and be affected by the things we are right now only pretending to understand. Until then, this is all a big guess…it's fun but its all nonsense.

  13. Question & challenge: why have mathematicians & physicists not once used the inverse square law (the same the physical universe obeys) to precisely calculate pi?
    Use of the inverse square law reconciles pi as 4/√x as it geometrically concerns x² – x = 1.000… & a mathematical proof of this is provided below.

    Let a circle whose diameter is 2r = 1 be inscribed in a unit square of side length 2r & of squared area 4r².
    Let both circle & square share a common origin o & let o be a point source of light emitting radially according to intensity I.

    I = 1/D²

    Let the intensity of a radial emission I be equal to the principle x in/of the (discrete unit) difference of squares x² – x = 1.000… and
    let the distance travelled D be an indiscriminately distributed radial distance capturing a squared area (of a circle) πr² according to r.

    x = 1/(πr²)²

    and let r = 1/2 for being the radius of the circle inscribed in the unit square 4r²:

    (πr²)² = 1/x
    (πr²)² = x – 4r²
    (π/4)² = 1/x
    π/4 = 1/√x
    π = 4/√x ≈ 3.1446055…
    ∴ π ≠ 3.14159…
    π² = 16/x
    16 = xπ²
    E = MC²
    1 = x(π/4)²

    Unfortunately, the physicists do not have the capacity to even allow for the possibility
    that the idol they worship (Einstein) did not know how to properly measure the circle.

    The circumference of a circle whose radius is 1/2 = 0.5000… is NOT 3.145159…
    …& this error underlies millennia of human ignorance. Watch the physicists do nothing.

  14. I'm nobody but the speed of light isn't an actual constant and will slow down the further away cause of all the stuff it runs into along the way. Expansion theory only works it if the speed of light is a constant. In our math, we need the speed of light to be constant for the math to work. But, reality always surprises us. I also think the "Big Bang" was a local phenomenon, a very large supernova that we were eventually created by. It was probably a really big supernova and all that background radiation we "hear" is just it's stuffing still decaying.

  15. This doesn't make sense. Light was shown to be constant from every frame of reference and it's obvious from red shifting that length is expanding, then plank lengths would expand, otherwise everything around us would get smaller and thus we would start measuring light speed at different constants.

  16. Why is it assumed that all space is expanding? We observe galaxies traveling faster than light. Perhaps the space around the galaxies is warped from the mass of the entire galaxy. Because of this the galaxy is what is stretching space time from our observable point. Do we have ways to measure the stretching of space between an object that's not a galaxy? Not really because galaxies are the only things we can see that are that far away from what I understand. So what If all we are really measuring is the line of observation between us and a distant galaxy and that path between us is whats being stretched.

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