SpaceX is completely SHOCKED Roscosmos and CASC in the first quarter of 2022… – YouTube

SpaceX is completely SHOCKED Roscosmos and CASC in the first quarter of 2022...


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SpaceX is completely SHOCKED Roscosmos and CASC in the first quarter of 2022…#STARSHIPFANS

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End of the first quarter of 2022, SpaceX knocked out CASC and Roscosmos and completely ruled the ultimate roost.
So, how exactly has Elon Musk’s SpaceX done this?
Can Space continue to hold its crown in the future?
Everything will be exposed in today’s episode.
Ok! Let’s get started…

To say that SpaceX has had busy months would be an understatement at this point. They are really setting new records for the space rocket industry.
A Q1 analysis by analytics and engineering firm BryceTech noted that SpaceX led in all of the metrics presented.
The Briefing focuses on launch and satellite updates, including smallsats, and the global launch industry. They cover the following data: payload mass to orbit, orbital launches by the launch service provider, launches by country, satellites by service type, satellite operators, and satellites by mass class and country of manufacture.
According to this, SpaceX tops the charts with 11 rockets launched, edging out the eight launches from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) and leaving a far distance from Roscosmos, Russia’s space agency, with only four launches.
Comparing both the number of spacecraft and upmass carried by launch providers in that same timeframe, SpaceX was drastically ahead of other launch providers.
The company launched 502 spacecraft in Q1.
Well, this is so impressive!! The rest of the world combined didn’t even manage to reach half that mass.
China takes silver this quarter, with eight launches and just 38 spacecraft deployed. Although Roscosmos takes bronze for launches with four, Arianespace takes third for the number of spacecraft deployed with 34 over a single mission.
Notably, market newcomer Astra Space launched 21 spacecraft in Q1 with its successful launch from Alaska and its failed deployment following its Cape Canaveral debut.
SpaceX is completely SHOCKED Roscosmos and CASC in the first quarter of 2022…
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  4. The actual statistics even exceed what the video described. In 1Q2022 SpaceX launched 17 Falcon 9s including two manned missions to the ISS. In April 2022 for the first time SpaceX launched six times in a month at an average of one launch every six days. And B1062 flew its 6th mission on 29 April only 21 days after its 5th mission on 8 April. Falcon 9 is now also the most reliable launcher ever with over 120 consecutive successful launches. It is also almost certainly the most profitable launcher as all of the competing launchers in its market are heavily subsidized by governments and all of them throw away millions of dollars worth of high technology equipment on every launch whereas SpaceX recovers everything except the second stage.

  5. I feel really bad for Rocketlab and Astra, small launchers are just not viable. As soon as Starship starts going, it's over for them. Nobody will be able to afford even a reusable small booster, especially when a ride share with kickstage on a Starship would be a fraction of the small launchers overall cost.

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