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Special Relativity Without Math ll 01 Galilean Relativity ll Space Girl


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Do you know who brought the concept of relativity for the first time?
If you’re thinking the answer is Einstein,then sorry but you are wrong!!
The first person to introduce relativity was Galelio.
However, galelian relativity ultimately failed. Albert Einstein in 1905 brought special theory of relativity.
Check out the video to know about Galilean Relativity!

0:00 Who gave the Principle of Relativity first?
0:32 Principle of Galilean Relativity
0:52 Example 1 – trains
1:07 Example 2 – Car and observers
1:35 Example 3 – Car and Trees
2:01 Galilean Relativity and General Terms
4:08 Change in Frame of reference
6:17 Absolute and Variant Quantities
6:40 No Frame is Special!
8:05 Conclusion

written and hosted by : Khushi Kalra

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  1. Before we believed on Absolute Time and Absolute Space. Where brilliant Albert Einstein put an end to that concept ! Once it made me think, how could we have a Clock that runs perfectly without any failures, can there be some big Clock at centre of Galaxy or Universe ?

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