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The Cosmologist Challenging Einstein


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  • Published On: 2022-02-23 23:33:34
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Celia Escamilla-Rivera discusses how she is using the tools of precision cosmology to hunt for a theory of gravity—in particular, teleparallel gravity—that incorporates dark energy more naturally than general relativity does. Read more at Quanta Magazine:


  1. New article at Quanta on "machine scientists" drops some hints that could be interpreted as suggesting a repulsive or spacing effect exists between DM clouds. Its cover art includes a galaxy surrounded by regularly spaced concentric rings. I've explained the basis for these effects in quantum gravity in comments made under DM videos on YouTube for many years.

  2. just wonderful, will be keeping an eye on her work. have to say though, the title of this video feels a bit unfair. why is it necessary to frame her work in such a combative way in relation to Einstein's theories?

  3. Quiz: A green satellite looks blue from earth, green when you get up there. You recall inundation with countless Einstein Sunday news stories on smaller eyeballs and faster clocks making blue turn greenish, or worse. Thus: A) Gravity shift made length and time metrics shift. B) Gravity shift made lightspeed shift. C) keep time reliant on frequency counts needing frequent resets.

    General Relativity basics for light: Special Relativity's Perfectly Flat Everlasting "c" bends everything for more simplicity. Using GR, you can measure distance with light by counting wavelengths of a known frequency (X wave-cycles/meter) and measure time with light by counting oscillations of a known frequency (Y wave-cycles/second). Supposing speed of light is constant, blue-shifted light's faster oscillation rate means time rate is faster, while a fixed count of its shorter wave cycles defines shorter meters. Faster seconds and shorter meters allow blue-shifted light to cover a constant number of meters per second. Red shift is handled similarly with the same result, namely a constant number of meters per second.

    GR theory is a lot like forgetting you are wearing color-shift lenses, it is as if all light observed always must have been "born" shaped the same. Gravity shifts along a light channel are seemingly not allowed to observably affect the light waveform, except to let the waveform's path seemingly curve. Always excluding detectable gravitional color shift effects in space while always allowing bend effects may to some people seem "non-conformal" by seemingly showing non-realism in action. Others may be more concerned that blue-shifted light, with accompanying length/time metrics keeping vacuum lightspeed constant on the moon as seen from the Earth, does not seem to agree naturally with the slower falling rate there. As vertical meter sticks are presumably less compressed under the moon's weaker gravity, the contraction in length metric there seems deeply unreal. There is a separate reasonable expectation that a faster time rate will never reasonably agree with a slower falling rate. Again the result of basing time on color seems non-conformal. Do not let it bother you.

    Favoring variations of space and time metrics, in favor of keeping constant vacuum lightspeed, was a winning formula for a nonexistent gravity universe, so Einstein extended it to gravity because once again the most conveniently elliptical light-centric equations would be earnestly begging everyone to follow a well-known conceit, to wit: "God is a mathematician/physicist,"

    Faster light is not the same as faster seconds or slower seconds. When space is laterally stretched more on the inward side of a mass, then GR, a model of gravity where stretchable space fabric gets conveniently pulled down by gravity pushing on top of it like a heavy complicated theoretically entropy-maximizing information-whistling shines like political treasure. When light is faster on the inward side of a mass, what pulls light inward faster? Answer is flat time, bent time, backward time, any kind of time.

    Believe it or not: Unbent time and unbent space also have the benefit of giving an easy accurate accounting of energy. In an energy balance, after you subtract the gravitational to kinetic energy shift (color shift) to each photon, all you then need to do is make sure to have a reliable count of photons on both ends. It's clever to discourage a universal time standard, for supposing a reality of growing time divergences, especially with gravity as the only excuse. The more it is done, the cleverer it is. Keeping wavelength constant, together with constant time and space metrics, while letting frequency vary, means initially redshifted light realistically must be light initially slowed by decreased gravity. Same with a passing rumble-strip effect. Light frequency is independent of photon rate, meaning a constant-rate countable photon (or light pulse) source gives the only reliable light-based indicator for time rate. Heisenberg's uncertainty applied to light says a perfectly tight frequency source is a perfectly random phase timing source, so atomic clock frequency means basically nothing about the only good time rate measure, namely photon rate.

  4. This is fascinating ! Definitely I respect GR a lot but on the other side I always found Cosmological Constant sus . More like a clever trick to skip many questions. I hope we'll get the answers

  5. Cosmology, GRT and Life.


    All cosmic stuff (all galaxies, dark matter, dark energy, virtual particles, antimatter etc.)
    exists in the flat, homogeneous, isotropic, symmetric and very cold Cosmic Vacuum
    which has T=0K temperature. . . . Thanks to entropy, Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle,
    quantum fluctuations the radiation emerged from the vacuum.


    The origin gravity of stars must start from micro quantum gravity in the Cosmic Vacuum
    (there isn't any other way). Gravity is the effect of matter and energy. On micro-cosmic
    level quantum gravity is unity between Planck quantum active particles of energy E=h*f
    and Boltzmann passive k-matter particles S=kTlogW, when EM force is ~10-38 to 10-40
    stronger than the gravitation stuff. Their unity created everything. Gravity is a local
    phenomenon in the Cosmic Vacuum.


    Life is unity of matter and energy. The source of matter and energy is the Cosmic Vacuum.


  6. Excuse me for using logic when the topic is relativity, but it seems obvious to me that a large number of gravitational flux lines must radiate from a mass, in all likelihood many gravity effect flows radiating from each atom of the rotating mass, if rotating mass is to realistically appear gravitationally different from non-rotating mass.

    Seems obvious the rotation of Mercury's elliptical orbit (precession) should somehow agree with the rotation of the Sun. I've never seen any proof Newton thought gravity was instantaneous and it seems unnatural to put that on him. Regardless, Newton's nonexistent defenders would apparently have had no official reason to think that, at least in the case of Mercury, the pull of gravity from passing atoms on the facing side of the rotating Sun would put a net drag on anything, yet spinning tops seen dragging things sideways, and a theory of atoms, were as old as the Greeks.

    Tidal lock between two equal bodies fosters a strong organization of flux lines meshing in parallel, much like ropes that never have to interfere and grind together, running between the same small regions of the bodies, in addition to atoms possibly otherwise sloshing around inside the objects being radiatively damped. There is a cost to flux-line cross-interference, to flux pinning-points shifting between nucleons and to flux lines stretching. These costs have energies defining energy balances critical to a temperature-dependent quantum gravity theory. Their underlying associated conditions resemble a universal capacity for coldness-driven ganging (focus), flux lines becoming coherent and concentrated retro-reflectively.

    Gravity quanta can be small, yet weak and massless as self-compressing energy-effect dipoles made of resolution limited positive energy compressed partly around a harder tinier bit of true vacuum initialized facing the leading edge. The net result of the energy dipoles can be zero due to being net-effect neutral as if massless, and on contact with matter the true-vacuum business end can trigger a rapid micro-stress tensor that spike-pushes the dipole positive energy sideways and spike-pulls laterally.

    Energy dipoles as gravity quanta could be reflected, or retroreflected in cold, or absorbed and reconstituted for radiation in an appropriate direction such as along a stationary path lying on multiple rotating quark orbit planes simultaneously, in the spin axis direction that has been energy-wise primed due to being recently active with massive incoming gravity activity. This biasing would gradually support growing flux line concentrations as if supporting slowly-generated cold dark matter filament spins. The logic is fundamentally Hebbian in a natural way. These are natural suggestions responsive to emergent low-energy gravity phenomena and entanglements that may facilitate in a retroreflection cycle "time symmetry," a natural low-energy-operative entropy restraint in gravitational bindings, biological evolution and cosmological filament evolution.

    As shorter radiated gravity-flux lines from the near side of a spinning mass bias a much smaller adjacent mass to trail along, rotating gravity flux lines radiated from both spinning masses can align best, meaning most constructively with least flux-crossing interference, where it matters most, namely where fluxes mesh most densely, as between closest atoms linked by fluxes, as much as inertia will allow. Simple enough, but in contrast every "explanation" of Mercury's precession in the media reads like cryptic smoke copied from some stylebook without any critical thought being involved.

    Frame dragging has nothing to do with bent space sitting with the Sun's mass center of gravity or under bent space pinned collectively or individually to individual atoms of the Sun, or the same bentness centers getting displaced somehow. The kinetic spins of each nucleon should have critical impact and be temperature dependent, Lens Thirring frame drag is not temperature dependent nor is it dependent on nucleon kinetic spins dragging radiated flux lines around as if pinned to quark orbit surfaces.

    Fine, if the media insists, frame dragging explanations should be driven by the goal of a depression created by parroting bent space, and naturally incessantly parroting any kind of bent stuff cannot possibly be a force. It's supposed to make no sense and the annoyance in that is supposed to be useful to the military or some other group more offensive.

  7. The title is indeed confusing the shows lack of understanding of whoever from Quanta Magazine wrote it. Mrs Rivera's work on teleparallel gravity cannot possibly challenge Einstein because Einstein himself worked on this theory, if fact he started teleparallel gravity in an attempt to unify gravity and electromagnetism in 1928. Obviously Mrs Rivera knows it but seems that Quanta Magazine is again uneducated and creates click-baits.

  8. The space-weathered orthogonal ridges faintly visible on "rubble-pile" asteroids Bennu and Ryugu are reminiscent of the octahedral shape of a minimalist 8-sided omni-retroreflector. The loose particles of these objects are not tiny black diamonds, so there goes GR's only sensible low energy ultra-slow conglomeration explanation.

  9. You could almost call entanglements "little space tornadoes." Cold nuclei, especially the proton of a hydrogen atom, may conform to a retroreflective object for tightly channeling quantum gravity carriers quantized unlike light, avoiding a "less size = more-energy" problem. The effect scales up to DM filaments, gravity retroreflected between aligned-spin cold nucleons.

  10. Einstein's matter-stretched light-based space & time notions irrationally project gravitational shifts backward in nonconformally supposing any gravitational shift will be built into the light from its birth. World's dumbest military secret, a little GPS bug, inbred warmonger egos want to hide it, so brainwashed mainstream media has bent spacetime as a weekly holy sacrament.

  11. I have a suggestion for this person. Rather than "improving" on Einstein's field equations, try to derive them yourself from scratch, the way Einstein did. Do this without cheating, from scratch, on you own. When you feel you have enough depth of intuition to do what Einstein did, "then" try to improve on him. The lure of pseudo-science is very strong in Latin America and there are lots of people who have "improved" on Einstein's work.

  12. there is every reason to believe that the Einstein cosmological constant describes the amount of quantum energy (Planck's constant) present in the action potential when the cell membrane depolarizes (in 1 to minus 3 powers of a second). The whole variety of responses beyond the physio-biological level of the functional system of consciousness in the state of Wakefulness (maximum synchronization of the functional elements of the waking brain) can be abstracted as the uniformity of the energy transformation of cyclic life-support processes, and only the above-threshold prominence of the energy release of the internal environment of a natural phenomenon can be evaluated as a Cosmological constant – the physical, fundamental category of the anthropocentric universe, all the diversity of which is represented by energy complexes at various levels of energy conversion of information about the impact into the energy of the cumulative response in the information technology networks of globalizing humanity. therefore, the cosmological constant can describe the energy of matter in the state of its homogeneity (singularity), the abstraction energy of the Absolute 0 in the probability of 50:50, with time 0 provided by the abstraction of the balance of homeostasis of the internal environment of a natural phenomenon, the homeostasis of the human body, the balance of anabolism / catabolism of an open thermodynamic system the primary energy of microwave, relic cosmic radiation, which arose 380,000 years after the big bang.

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