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The early universe | Meet the experts


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  • Published On: 2022-02-13 15:34:06
  • Video Published/Author: European Space Agency, ESA
  • Video Duration: 00:06:54
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How did the universe go from a dark and cold place after the Big Bang, to the mesmerizing cosmos we see today? In this episode of Meet the Experts, ESA research fellow Rachana Bhatawdekar takes us on a tour of the early universe, to discover how the very first stars and galaxies were born after the Big Bang.

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  1. That was a very good explanation! I never quite understood why we are looking back in time with a telescope, it didn't seem to make sense. She explained it so well, you should do more videos with her.

  2. Wow, thanks, she really opened my eyes about the starting of the universe! I was always curious.. but now my question is: any assumptions on how this big bang happened? I'd like some thoughts from experts like you, or youtube commenters experts haha

  3. Might have been interesting except that you olsyed music all the time even when people were talking. Distracting and unnecessary. Stopped listening. Please do not do it. It is not necessary. I want to listen to the experts not some musican. If I wanted to do that I would go to a concert. In fact, if somebody started playing music when I was talking, I'd regard it as rude.

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