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The Internet Mysteries Iceberg Explained


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  • Published On: 2022-02-26 01:30:37
  • Video Published/Author: Dantavius
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I’m Dantavius, this is The Internet Mysteries Iceberg Explained. A video detailing unexplained and/or mysterious phenomenon all around the internet. I cover a lot of topics in this bad boy. Cicada 3301, Polybius, Markovian Parallax Denigrate, John Titor, This Man, Elisa Lam, 11B-X-1371, Chip Chan, Burger King Foot Lettuce, Erratas, u/yayvideogames, Kanye Quest 3030, Kenny Veach, Kate Yup, John Lang, Baby Monkey Hate Ring, Barbie.avi, the dissapearance of Maura Murray, Paris Catacombs, Laughing Horse’s Orifice Headquarters, and more! If you want to get more in depth discussions on any of these topics please check out corresponding videos by Nexpo, Blameitonjorge, Barely Sociable, and others.

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Here’s a link to the Iceberg Chart:

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
1:37 – First Layer
14:55 – Paying Bills
16:23 – First Layer Continued
21:00 – Second Layer
35:21 – Third Layer
1:13:53 – Fourth Layer
1:36:28 – Outro


  1. I'm a salesman so I loved how you said don't subscribe until I like the video. I'm sold. I liked it and Ill actually sub only because you phrased it like that. I hate when people beg for subs when their content is whack, you actually killed this 🔥 thanks for some entertainment.

  2. 1:18:39 Funnily enough, that’s basically the concept for a Manga I read the other day, called Angel Densetsu.

    It’s about a Guy who’s super nice, but has a face that makes everyone assume that he’s the devil incarnate. He ends up becoming the leader of a gang punks, without realizing that he’s in a gang.

    There’s an old pilot on here for the anime that you can watch for free. Unfortunately, they never made more.

  3. That John time traveler guy warning us about a civil war lasting 10 years and Russia bombing major cities…… makes a lot of sense now. Which is creepy. And I know you made this 2 months ago before the Russia/Ukraine thing was happening.

  4. That Elisa's case was something more deeper… She accidentally input the successive numbers for the elevator game… She might be paranoid because she was brought to an another weird dimension and we saw that she was talking to someone, maybe because she was talking to a supernatural figure that belongs to that dimension… Now that is a mistake she made because according to the rules of the game, you should not contact with figures in the dimensions you encounter… You should just ignore them…

  5. An iceberg video on what motivates hoaxers might be a good one, since people with free time, vivid imaginations and mundane lives on the internet don't seem to grasp how fun it is to send schmucks on wild goose-chases…

    Also, for the matter of family members not acknowledging ridiculous conspiracies, it could easily be the result of being advised to not give currency to ridiculous bullshit by even mentioning it. If people want to make hay with nonsense, that's up to them. It's similar in principal to why once someone has been accused of something, it is very difficult to regain standing because the accusation cannot be forgotten.

    The Kate Yup one is super obviously nonsense, since why would a kidnapper allow their captive to self-publish and edit? Fucking ridiculous.

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