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The Milky Way’s Black Hole! (FIRST Image Revealed)


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  • Published On: 2022-05-12 18:50:03
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Astronomers from the Event Horizon Telescope project unveil an image of our galaxy’s black hole, called Sagittarius A*.


  1. ∴ “the Central Sun [ at the Galactic Center, 'at the very heart of the Milky Way' ], which is the invisible source of all that is in our Solar System. Our visible Sun is but the mirror in which are reflected the rays of energy from the Spiritual Sun. The real Sun is as invisible as the real Man.”

    “The Sun is the nearest approach we have to a visible symbol of God, yet it is but a veil for That which is behind. What That is cannot be uttered publicly.”

    “In a manner similar to that in which the World of Life Spirit [ extending from the Sun ] correlates us to the other planets in our own solar system does the World of Divine Spirit [ extending from the invisible Central Sun, the World of God ◬ ] correlate us to the other solar systems. We may regard the solar systems as separate sponges, swimming in a World of Divine Spirit,” (…) “so that God and the other great Beings who are mentioned are not far away in space. They pervade every part of their own realms and realms of greater density than their own. They are all present in our world and are actually and de facto "nearer than hands and feet." It is a literal truth when we say " in Him we live and move and have our being." For none of us could exist outside these great Intelligences Who pervade and sustain our world with Their Life.” 🙏

    — The Cosmo (1909)⁽¹⁾ by Max Heindel, the Western Mystic

    “Be embraced, Millions!
    This kiss to all the world!
    Brothers, above the starry canopy
    There must dwell a loving Father.
    Are you collapsing, millions?
    Do you sense the creator, world?
    Seek him above the starry canopy!
    Above stars must He dwell.”

    — Ode to Joy,
    youtube: /PB7Bx-rYBBs
    in the final (fourth) movement of the Ninth Symphony.

    ukr: Космоконцепція Розенкрейцерів
    rus: Космоконцепция розенкрейцеров
    eng: The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception

  2. Looking at image and learning the concept and idea, it seems like universe more silent and peaceful than we expected.. if black whole is existing, than the ending of Milky way is ultimate in long run meanwhile it seems silent and peaceful with misterious…

  3. Hope,, u will focused in our own global crisis,, help other people i needs,, try to solve peoblems in our earth,, how to save clumate change,, not wasting ur strenght ang dollars just to prove ur knowledge among others, I thinkk our creator will be hapoy if we will love each other and share all things u have to those in needs,, but i congratulates all of u..but the more u discover many things it will continue and no one can stop u to do it..

  4. Trying to keep in touch hand on hand to the thing might finish to all of us,. and at last u found it!! U are all so happy and looks want to celebrate ur success in all ur life, then we know where it is and in our own galaxy, realizing that black hole is real…the reality that we are all in danger at anytime it will suck us all even small organisms.. No one can escaped.. Then whats next? After this success.. U are now ahead among all u won won the race!! Are u Happy? . How many billions u credit to this success? It wont stop on this i think?

  5. Just did a few sums. Photographing the Super Massive Black Hole at the centre of the Milky-way, is equivalent to photographing an object 1cm across at a distance of 28,000 km (approximately). Pretty amazing!

  6. Believe me m in state of shock, blackhole my childhood fantasy and now we are able to see, I wasn't expected that we could ever see it with telescope ( indeed we first saw in 2019 using electromagnetics and complex algorithm

  7. SO my Question is this.. If the JWT is the Big Papa on the scene . Lets point Big Daddy at that Black hole and have them SHOW US.. a Nice 4K resolution pic.. Show us what it REALLY looks like., THanks

  8. A black hole is simply a minimum entropy star. It is invisible because all it emits are optically invisible gamma rays. It is made of nothing but quarks that have been separated and uses dark matter as the catalyst. Once the quarks have been separated from a sufficient enough collision, it is the sheer density and pressure of the dark matter of space that keeps the quarks apart indefinitely. As a result of this separation, the incoming dark matter is thrown out of the reaction as gamma rays. That is where all the cosmic and gamma rays come from in our universe.
    Space is made of extremely pressurized electron neutrinos.

    A black hole starts transforming itself into potential energy by first fusing the electron neutrinos of space and the quarks to create the first neutrons the mass will possess. This turns the black hole into a neutron star but the neutrons are only a thin layer on the surface of the quark plasma. This gives the mass its first optical light as well.

    The neutrons naturally break down into the first hydrogen the mass will possess. The constantly forming neutrons then fuse with the hydrogen to form the first helium using the beta minus decay, neutron capture method. This is the true fusion of the universe and has absolutely nothing to do with creating energy. It is only a method of turning kinetic energy into potential energy. That is why fusion has never, and will never work for energy production. Quark plasma is what scientists seek.

    The beta minus decay reaction continues creating heavier elements making the star darker until a crust forms and the light is extinguished. At this point, an atmosphere is allowed to develop since the surface is now protected from the quark plasma underneath. The endless quark plasma energy is what allows all the reactions to take place. We live on an ex-black hole.

    Gravity is created from a manipulation of the electron neutrinos of space. The energy of a mass breaks down electrons at the core and turns them into electron neutrinos. These particles are shot from the mass gravitationally invisible. They push out on the natural pressure of space to cause gravitational lensing since it is all the same matter. Gravity is created as the natural pressure of space pushes through the outgoing matter to react with normal matter as gravity. At absolute zero, this manipulation stops and so does gravity no matter what the size of the mass may be.

    Gravity had nothing to do with the energy we see because a massive collision in space created the galaxies as quark plasma shrapnel. The reason the force of gravity remains unexplained is because a cloud of gas and dust must be able to transform itself into a star. This assumption completely disregards 95% of the mass of our universe.

    Our galaxy was spinning when it was born in the collision. Quark plasma is invisible and can make shapes. The centrifugal force created a massive disk with a bulbous center. The center separated from the disk and our black hole was formed. The remaining quark plasma disk was left to create all the solar systems. Each one was created with a single mass of quark plasma as well.
    Our solar system did exactly what our galaxy did. A disk with a bulbous center was formed by centrifugal force. The center separated from the disk and our Sun was born as a black hole. The remaining quark plasma disk was left to create the planets and their corresponding moons and rings. Even our planets were formed exactly like our galaxy and solar system was.

    This is the Theory of Everything. All laws are consistently followed. No stone is unturned. Our universe is very understandable. All it takes is going back to what Edwin Hubble discovered and realizing that it was only the galaxies expanding, not the universe. Hubble never believed in the expanding universe theory but nobody listened. Georges Lamaitres primeval atom theory was accepted immediately and set into stone. It was the biggest mistake science has ever made.

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